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The Summer Palaces of the Romanovs:
Treasures from Tsarskoye Selo
by Emmanuel Ducamp (Editor), Marc Walter (Photographer)


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Specially commissioned photographs by Marc Walter and fascinating archive images capture a bygone age of Romanov splendor that will captivate art lovers and historians alike.

This magnificent book was originally published in Russian and French editions in 2010 to mark the tercentenary of the palaces of Tsarskoe Selo. This NEW ENGLISH EDITION printed on high quality paper, contains a prolific selection of photographs of the interiors of the Catherine and Alexander Palaces, as well as the surrounding parks and pavilions, that are truly representative of Imperial Russia. Many rare photographs from the museum archives and unknown to the general public, depict the splendour of the palaces and the intimacy of the Russian Imperial family. The book is enclosed in a handsome slipcase.

The Tsarskoe Selo State-Museum Reserve, in cooperation with the French publisher Emmanuel Ducamp, with financial support from Madame Paula Cussi, issued the album Tsarskoye Selo. The Imperial Heritage, which became a magnificent gift on the 300th anniversary of the world famous residence of Russian Emperors.

The ten chapters of the album describe the Tsarskoye Selo parks, palaces, pavilions, interiors, and the best items from the collections, with the illustrations made by the talented photographers Marc Walter and Gaspar Walter. Their lenses masterly captured the beauty and uniqueness of the monuments and objects which passed down from Russian emperors. The photographers, whom the Museum staff referred to as their French colleagues, personally selected the objects and perspectives by themselves, and that is why this album shows Tsarskoye Selo “through French eyes.”

The album attempts to take a new look at Tsarskoye Selo and see the parks and palaces at times when regular visitors usually do not see them — at dawn or late sunset or on a cold winter’s day when their beauty feels particulary vivid. The vintage photographs in the album allow us to feel as if we are in the presence of the crowned sovereigns and their consorts at Tsarskoye Selo, while the contemporary photographs allow us to appreciate their exquisite taste by looking at the works of precious stones, marble, bronze, porcelain, glass, carved and inlayed wood, amber, ivory, mother of pearl, which were part of the Russian monarch’s everyday life and filled it with warmth and joy.

Each chapter is opened with an introductory article by the scientific employees and curators of the Tsarskoe Selo State-Museum Reserve. The illustrations are provided with comprehensive captions and annotations.

Intended for everyone who loves Tsarskoye Selo and its history and monuments, this book pays homage to the talents of the architects and artists who created the unique beauty of the palace-and-park ensemble, and the masters who realized all their designs.

NOTE: This book was originally published in 2010 in French and Russian language editions. This new English edition will be a welcome addition to the personal libraries of those who share a fascination with this beautiful and historic palace complex. Thank you for your book order!

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BINDING: Large Hard Cover Edition with Slipcase
SIZE: 12.5" x 9" x 2"
NO. PAGES: 360
ILLUSTRATIONS: 340 Colour and Black & White Photos
LANGUAGE: English Text

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