Help Keep the Memories of Old Russia Alive
An Appeal from Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert

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Updated: 1 July, 2016

Dear Friends of Royal Russia:

This letter is part of my annual appeal to Romanov enthusiasts and lovers of the history of Imperial Russia.

Established in 1994, Royal Russia has been a personal labour of love for more than two decades, one which I am honoured to share with many others around the world on a daily basis. I am able to achieve this via my web site and blog and through the publication of books and periodicals.

The many, many hours which I devote to Royal Russia are strictly voluntary. It's existence and continued growth is solely dependent on the sale of my annual calendar, as well as donations from friends and supporters.

In the past year, the Royal Russia web site has grown tremendously with 350 additional news stories, nearly 30 new full-length articles, hundreds of new photographs, dozens of videos, plus a new film and video archive, an internal search engine and much more. I am sure that you can appreciate that the maintenance and upkeep of a web site and blog of this size is both time consuming and costly. What types of expenses are incurred in maintaining Royal Russia?

Web Site and Blog: my web site and blog now offer more than 50 full-length articles, nearly 700 news articles, more than 500 videos, over 2,000 photographs, plus a blog with more than 1,800 news clips, videos and photographs and much more. Royal Russia is updated on a daily basis!

The growing number of articles, photographs and videos added annually, coupled with the more than 2.2 million visitors who visited my web site over the past year have had a serious impact on monthly operational and maintenance costs.

In the past month I have had to double the amount of space and bandwidth, for which I pay monthly to my web-host Lycos-Angelfire. Videos, photographs (JPEGs), music (MPEGs) and online auction catalogues and other documents (PDFs) use up a lot of space, and I am forced to pay a monthly fee in order to provide additional space on my web site so that people can read and enjoy them.

I also pay a monthly fee to keep my web site and blog free from advertising pop-ups which otherwise are so numerous that they become a nuisance. I also have to pay for domain registration and a host of other services.

Translations: the cost of translating books and articles from Russian into English puts the greatest strain on the limited finances I have to work with. Books in particular cost thousands of dollars to translate. Memories in the Marble Palace by Grand Duke Gabriel Constantinovich, and Last Years at the Court of Tsarskoe Selo, 1906-1909 by Général Alexandre Spiridovitch. The second volume of Spiridovitch’s memoirs, which cover the years 1910-1914 is nearing completion, and should be available next year.

Giving Back to Russia: over the past 3 years, Royal Russia has donated a total of 70,000 Rubles to the Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof State-Museum Preserves. These gifts go towards restoration work in the palaces and the acquisition of items for the palace-museum collections. I am very proud that I have been given the opportunity to make at least a small contribution to each museum. I am committed to helping to preserve the Romanov legacy when and where I can, and will continue to make additional donations in the years ahead.

In the past year, I have donated Royal Russia publications valued at $380.00, to the Prince George Galitzine Memorial Library in St. Petersburg, and the Holy Trinity Seminary Library at the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York.

New Projects: in the coming months, I will be launching a new periodical and web site, both of which will be dedicated to the life and reign of Emperor Nicholas II. The first issue of Sovereign is scheduled to be published in October. It will feature previously unpublished articles, including translations of Russian works for the first time.

If you enjoy Royal Russia, please consider making a personal donation in support of my work; Donations can also be made by mail (download, print and mail donation form - see yellow DONATE button on right side of this page), securely online (click on the yellow MAIL DONATION FORM button, located on the right side this page), or by telephone @ (905) 623-9168 with a credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD).

Please note that there certainly is no obligation, this is merely a request for you to help by sponsoring my work and keeping the memories of old Russia alive.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of Royal Russia.

Sincerely Yours,
Royal Russia Founder / Website Administrator
JULY 2015


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