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Royal Russia is pleased to present this collection of documentaries on the Romanov Dynasty and their legacy. The videos - courtesy of YouTube - are primarily from English language sources, combining historic and contemporary film footage with commentary by historians, museum curators, biographers and other experts.

DISCLAIMER: The videos presented in this section of our web site are for information and entertainment purposes only, and may not reflect the opinions of Royal Russia and itís administrator. Many of the Western produced documentaries reflect the negative assessment of the life and reign of Russia's last emperor and tsar, much of which is based on court and salon gossip, anti-monarchist, revolutionary and Bolshevik sentiment and propaganda dating back to tsarist times.

Royal Russia makes no claim to copyright, nor does it derive any income, royalties or fees, from any of the videos, films or archival newsreels presented here.

NOTE: This page will be updated on a regular basis with additional videos. Please bookmark this page or refer to our directory for the latest additions to this page. Last Update: 21 June 2017

Paul Gilbert / Royal Russia Founder


For almost a century their fabled dynasty and tragic fate has been enveloped in myth and surrounded by mystery. Now, with the opening of the former Soviet Union, the true story of Nicholas and Alexandra can be told. This groundbreaking production, filmed on location throughout the former Soviet Union and Europe, presents a treasure trove of information and documents that have been kept secret for decades. Intimate diaries, letters and personal effects from the once-sealed imperial archives tell the astonishing story of the Romanovs' reign. Chilling eyewitness accounts, testimony from executioners, and a somber exhumation finally put to rest the enigma of their dynasty's horrifying end. Stunning, fact-filled and grand, this is the ultimate chronicle of a romance that changed the world.

Narrated by Jack Perkins, presented by HRH Prince Michael of Kent, includes interviews with Nicholas Romanovich Romanov (1922-2014), Vladimir Soloviev, Alexander Avdonin, and people who were born in the late 19th century, and witness to Nicholas II's reign.

Originally produced by A&E Biography, 1998.

Nicholas & Alexandra (1998)
Duration: 1 hour, 31 minutes. Language: English


History comes to life, in the Discovery Channel's production of Last of the Czars. The viewer learns about the Tsar and Tsarina, their five children, and the holy man, Rasputin. Exploring the events leading up to the execution of the royal family in 1918, The Discovery Channel utilizes archival film footage and previously unseen photographs to illuminate the story of the doomed family. History unfolds amid the unrest of a war-ravaged Russian population as survivors from the era of the Romanovs reveal details pertaining to the family.

The Romanov family ruled Russia for 300 years; an imperial empire that crumbled in 1918 when Lenin-backed revolutionaries toppled Nicholas II in a violent upheaval. Before their world came crashing down, the Romanovs-- Nicholas, Alexandra and their five children-- enjoyed a life shrouded in mystery. But with the recent downfall of the Soviet Union, information has come to light ending generations of speculation. Rare, never-before-seen film footage, actual letters, czarist-era survivor interviews, photos, and other rare items give a finely-detailed look at Russia's most dramatic era.

Originally produced by Discovery Communications, Inc., 1996.

Last of the Czars - Part 1 - Nicky and Alix (1996)
Duration: 49 minutes, 45 seconds. Language: English

Previously unseen footage, old letters, and rare photos enhance this production of the Romanov family's problems, which led to their tragic deaths and the end of monarchy in Russia. The Discovery Channel film, Last of the Czars, Pt. 1: Nicky & Alix brings the principal players to life, as the viewer learns about the Czar and Czarina, known as Nicky and Alix, their five children, and the mad monk, Rasputin. The Royal family lived a life of luxury, unaware of the general condition of the country and its growing unrest. This turmoil would lead to the execution of the entire family.

Last of the Czars - Part 2 - The Shadow of Rasputin (1996)
Duration: 51 minutes, 33 seconds. Language: English

The Shadow of Rasputin Rasputin, the infamous Russian monk, was a profound influence on the last Czar and Czarina, and some feel that Russia was, for a time, ruled by the madman who found a way to the center of the royal court. The only son of the family suffered from the pain of hemophilia, and Rasputin was the only person able to provide comfort to the young prince. Last of the Czars, Pt. 2: The Shadow of Rasputin details the growing unease surrounding the last monarchy of Russia, and how the monk exerted his power over them all, especially the Czarina.

Last of the Czars - Part 3 - Death of the Dynasty (1996)
Duration: 50 minutes, 58 seconds. Language: English

Death of the Dynasty Keeping his distance from the needs of his country, Czar Nicholas could not see the warning signs that trumpeted the toppling of the monarchy. The Discovery Channel production, Last of the Czars, Pt. 3: The Death of the Dynasty explores the events leading up to the execution of the entire royal family in 1918. Utilizing archival film and previously unseen photographs, the story of the doomed family unfolds amid the unrest of a war-ravaged Russian population. Survivors from the era of the Romanovs reveal details pertaining to the family.