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Friday, 6 November 2015
Almost Anastasia. The Life of Franziska Schanzkowsky
Topic: Books

Soft cover * English text * 375 pages * 18 Black & White photographs
Price: $30.00 CAD + postage 
Once one mystery was solved, the real mystery began . . . 

Almost Anastasia by Vera Green and Victoria Hughes, tells the story of Franziska Schanzkowsky, the former factory worker who convinced royals, courtiers, and forensic experts that she was actually the Grand Duchess Anastasia, daughter of Emperor Nicholas II and sole survivor of the massacre of the Russian Imperial Family at Ekaterinburg in 1918. DNA analysis has established who she really was, but once that mystery was solved the real     mystery began—how did she do it? Why did she do it? What would it be like to step into someone else's life and live it forever? 

A work of narrative non-fiction drawn from original documents (some never before translated into   English) and interviews with the people who knew her, Almost Anastasia follows Franziska from the streets of Berlin to the castles of deposed royalty, from Jazz Age New York to Nazi Germany and beyond. It is a tale of mystique, madness, and one woman’s determination to fool the world.


© Royal Russia. 05 November, 2015


Posted by Paul Gilbert at 1:15 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 6 November 2015 1:21 PM EST
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Tuesday, 8 September 2015
Alexei: Russia's Last Imperial Heir, A Chronicle of Tragedy
Topic: Books


For more information on this title, please refer to the following link: 

Alexei: Russia's Last Imperial Heir, A Chronicle of Tragedy

© Gilbert's Books. 08 September, 2015


Posted by Paul Gilbert at 9:15 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 8 September 2015 9:27 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 1 September 2015
Royal Russia - Our Official Magazine
Topic: Books



Posted by Paul Gilbert at 12:00 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 30 August 2015 4:24 PM EDT
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Thursday, 13 August 2015
The Hermitage Treasure Gallery: The Collections of the Russian Emperors and Empresses
Topic: Books

Large soft cover * Imported from Russia * English text * 160 pages * 300 photographs
Price: $55.00 CAD + postage 
The story of the Treasure Gallery—the Hermitage’s magnificent and unique collection of examples of the jeweller’s art—is inseparably bound up with the history of the rule of the Romanov dynasty (1613-1917). The personal collections of Peter I, Anna Ioannovna and Elizabeth became the foundation for the jewellery collection of Catherine the Great. In 1764 the Empress gave orders for the organization of the Diamond Chambers within her apartments for the storage of those precious objects. Many items from this collection have been witnesses not only to notable historical events and political upheavals, but also to important moments in the private lives of members of Russia’s ruling house.

The fall of the Romanov dynasty did not mean an end to the history of the Hermitage’s collection of treasures. Throughout the twentieth century it continued to be augmented with incomparable acquisitions. The late twentieth century was marked by various gifts to the Hermitage, while in the past decades with the support of generous patrons the Treasure Gallery has been enriched with works of art and jewellery obtained through the Hermitage’s Expert Purchasing Commission.

Richly illustrated with more than 300 colour photographs, this album features a Foreword by Mikhail Piotrovsky, an introduction on the history of the collection, and precious objects from the collections of the following emperors and empresses of Russia: Peter the Great, Peter II, Anna Ioannovna, Elizabeth, Catherine the Great, Paul I, Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III, and Nicholas II.


© Royal Russia. 13 August, 2015


Posted by Paul Gilbert at 9:21 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 14 August 2015 11:39 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 5 August 2015
Royal Russia Annual No. 8 - NOW IN STOCK!
Topic: Books

The No. 8 - Summer 2015 issue of our official magazine, Royal Russia Annual is now in stock and available for purchase from our online bookshop. The No. 8 issue is our largest to date, with 135 pages, and 111 black and white photographs.     

NEW - Royal Russia News
Compiled, Translated and Edited by Paul Gilbert
This new addition to our periodical offers Romanov enthusiasts and lovers of Imperial Russian history with a 22-page news supplement, featuring the top news stories from Russian media sources on the Romanovs, their legacy and Imperial Russian History, translated from Russian and presented in English for the first time.
The following full-length articles are featured in Royal Russia Annual No. 8 - Summer 2015:

Cover Story: Emperor Paul I: Neither Demon Nor Saint
by Andrew M. Cooperman 
For most of the two hundred fourteen years since his assassination, Emperor Paul I has either been demonized or canonized by historians. In truth, Paul I was neither demon nor saint, but rather a remarkable man who lived and reigned during an important time in Russia's history. Caught as he was between the more polished and genteel courts of his mother, Catherine the Great, and his son, Alexander I, Paul's short reign of four years is too often viewed by some as harsh and tyrannical. Others, however, have insisted that Paul's serious attempts at internal reform and international peace entitle him to greater recognition. More recent scholarship has attempted to place Paul and his policies as emperor in a balanced perspective. That Paul was a different type of monarch in both style and in policy than his mother and son is certain. However, historians are now viewing those differences on their own merits, rather than measuring them against those of Catherine and Alexander. In that spirit, this article presents Paul wielding a sceptre rather than a pitch fork, and wearing a crown rather than a halo.
My Russia: The State Archives of the Russian Federation
by Paul Gilbert
I have had the privilege of visiting GARF on two separate occasions over the years. My article explores the history of Russia's largest archive, and repository of Romanov documents, photographs and other personal possessions of the Russian Imperial family, from Peter the Great to Emperor Nicholas II. I also share my own personal observations on the many items of Nicholas II and his family held in GARF's vast Romanov archival collections. 
Physicians of the Imperial Court
by Margarita Nelipa
Medicine intervenes not only in the lives of the common folk during the period of their vulnerability, be it during childbirth and when dying, it similarly encroached into the intimate lives of Russia’s imperial families. With the benefit of diaries and archival records, the author examines several personal physicians who attended the imperial Court over a period of two hundred years and accordingly offers a unique portrayal about several monarchs and their heirs during their final moments of life, following chronic illness or foul play. While only a select few physicians received a formal request to serve the Court, when summoned these trusted individuals gained unfettered entry into the private bedroom chambers of the emperor, the empress and their children. Though Professors Sergei Fyodorov and Evgenii Botkin are familiar to many, those who attended the courts of Peter I, Nikolai I, Alexander II and III are also deserving of recognition. 

A Loyal and Affectionate Friend. Ferdinand Thormeyer and the Family of Alexander III
by Coryne Hall
Ferdinand Thormeyer served as the French tutor to the children of Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna: Tsesarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich (future Emperor Nicholas II), the Grand Dukes George and Michael, and the Grand Duchesses Xenia and Olga. Later, he became almost a substitute father-figure to Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich. Olga and Michael, especially, poured out their hearts to him about various matters. After the Revolution, Thormeyer continued to correspond with Olga until her death in 1960. His extensive correspondence with the children of Alexander III, along with photographs and drawings were sold at a Geneva auction in 2010 for more than $400,000.

The Tsar's Bride. A Story of Mikhail Romanov and Maria Khlopova's Star-Crossed Love
by Irene Galaktinovna
When the first of the Romanovs, the young Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich, first came to power, he was obliged to take a wife. Although the tsar himself was deeply in love with the girl he'd chosen, his political advisors had other plans. As a result, the tsar and his bride spent six years apart, hoping to be reunited - which ultimately never happened. Mikhail only married years later, deeply disappointed.

A Friend for Better or Worse. The Romanovs and Their Dogs
by Irene Galaktinovna
Few people realize that it was the Romanov dynasty who introduced dog breeding into Russia. The Russian Royals' relationship with their four-legged companions evolved over time, from breeding and keeping palace pooches to finally viewing dogs as trusty partners and friends.

Princess Vera Konstantinovna Remembered
by M.N. Tretiakova and M. Ardov 
The authors have compiled an article on Princess Vera Konstantinovna, which includes an interview with the youngest child of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich in 1994, in which she shares her memories of her parents, her siblings, among other members of the Russian Imperial family. 
Was the Tsar Right to Abdicate in 1917?
 by Vladimir Moss
Why did the Tsar agree to abdicate from the throne in that lonely railway carriage near Pskov in February, 1917? And was he right to do so? These questions are relevant not only to our understanding of the Tsar himself, but also of Russia and her destiny. For, as we know, the abdication of the Tsar led to the destruction of Russia, a catastrophe of the most terrible consequences both for Russia and the world, which are still being felt to this day. So could it all have been avoided if the Tsar had simply refused the pleas of his generals and the other plotters against him, and continued to rule?

Plus 2 collections of rare and vintage photographs:

Frozen in Time
- featuring photographic memories of the Russian Imperial family

The Lost World of Imperial Russia 
- featuring vintage photographs of Imperial Russia before the Revolution
* Our official magazine was intended to be published only once a year as an annual, but due to its popularity, Royal Russia Annual is now published twice a year, while still retaining its original name. An annual Winter edition and an annual Summer edition will now be issued.

Watch for our advertisements in upcoming issues of Majesty and Russian Life magazines. Royal Russia Annual can be purchased at the NEW Royal Russia Bookshop (Canada), (United States), Booksellers van Hoogstraten (Den Haag, Netherlands), and Librairie Galignani (Paris, France).



© Gilbert's Books. 5 August, 2015


Posted by Paul Gilbert at 12:15 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 5 August 2015 9:21 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 1 July 2015
Saint Petersburg Palaces: History, Architecture, Owners
Topic: Books

includes 23 Imperial Palaces * 12 Grand Ducal Palaces * and 21 Palaces and Mansions of the Nobility
Large hard cover * English text * 240 pages * 550 photographs 
This new book presents the largest collection of Russian palaces ever to be published in English. This richly illustrated volume—more than 500 illustrations—mostly in colour—features 23 Imperial palaces, 12 Grand Ducal palaces, and 21 palaces and mansions of the nobility in St. Petersburg.
St Petersburg Palaces is a showcase of some the architectural masterpieces of the former capital of the Russian empire. These include the palaces and mansions created by the most eminent architects of the time, including works by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, Savva Chevakinsky, Antonio Rinaldi, Ivan Starov, Giacomo Quarenghi, Harald Bosse, Andrei Stackenschneider, Auguste de Montferrand, Hippolyto Monighetti, Adam Menelaws, Andrei Voronikhin, Luigi Rusca, Maximilian Messmacher, Alexander von Gogen and other celebrated masters.
This stunning pictorial is divided into three sections: Imperial Palaces, Grand Ducal Palaces, and Palaces and Mansions of the Nobility. The accompanying text outlines the history, architecture and owners of each palace and mansion, complimented with photographs of the historic interiors, plus contemporary views. Many of the palaces and mansions featured in this volume are little known to Western readers, therefore making this book a must for collectors!


© Royal Russia. 1 July, 2015


Posted by Paul Gilbert at 12:09 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 1 July 2015 6:30 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015
Special Offer from Royal Russia
Topic: Books




© Royal Russia. 22 April, 2015


Posted by Paul Gilbert at 10:25 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 22 April 2015 9:39 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015
Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna
Topic: Books

Large Soft cover * 168 pages * + 325 black & white photographs
* Price: $75.00 CAD + Shipping
This is the first English-language study of the life of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna (1854-1920). It was published in 2014 to coincide with the 160th anniversary of her birth. She was born Duchess Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, she married Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich (1847-1909) in 1874. Known as "Miechen" or "Maria Pavlovna the Elder", she was the mother of Grand Dukes Kirill, Boris and Andrei Vladimirovich and Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna.
This new title includes the following 20 chapters:
  1. Blue-Blooded Princess
  2. Brilliant Marriage
  3. An Unusual Wedding in St. Petersburg
  4. Grand Duke Vladimir's Palace in St. Petersburg
  5. The Palace of Grand Duke's Family in Tsarskoye Selo
  6. Grand Duke Kyrill Vladimirovich
  7. Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich
  8. Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich
  9. Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna
  10. The August Lady of the House
  11. Small Court, Second After the Emperor's
  12. In the Field of Charity
  13. The St. Prince Vladimir Brotherhood
  14. The Emperor's Daughter-in-Law, Sister-in-Law and Amiable Aunt
  15. In Russia and Abroad
  16. Passion for Perfection and Jewels
  17. The President of the Academy of Arts
  18. Royal Colonel-in-Chief
  19. During World War I
  20. Far from St. Petersburg 

Russian historians and Romanov experts Galina Korneva and Tatiana Cheboksarova, have participated in  conferences both in Russia and abroad; delivered lectures and written articles on a regular basis on the Romanov dynasty, including nearly 30 articles devoted to the life of Grand Duke Vladimir and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna.

The authors utilized considerable numbers of archival documents that they collected during many years researching in various archives, both in Russia and abroad for their latest book, Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, which includes more than 300 photographs from archives and private collections—including many previously unseen photographs. The sister-authors’ detailed knowledge of the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna further enriches this very unique book.
Galina Korneva and Tatiana Cheboksarova are the co-authors of Russia and Europe – Dynastic Ties (2012), and  Empress Maria Feodorovna’s Favorite Residences in Russia and Denmark (2006).


© Royal Russia. 15 April, 2015


Posted by Paul Gilbert at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 15 April 2015 10:33 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 31 March 2015
Alexander III: His Life and Reign by Margarita Nelipa
Topic: Books

Soft cover * English text * 610 pages * + 130 additional pages containing 230 black & white photographs
* Price: $40.00 + Shipping
Margarita Nelipa’s latest book on Emperor Alexander III is the first comprehensive biography to be published in English in more than a century on this monarch. Her extensive research explores the life and reign of this little known and unjustly neglected sovereign who ruled Russia for only 13 years, from 1881-1894.
Upon it's publication in the spring of 2014, Margarita Nelipa's book, Alexander III: His Life and Reign proved to be one of our most popular titles! The first edition sold out in 3 months, proof of her growing popularity as one of today's leading Romanov historians. A second edition of her book was published in March 2015, and is now available for purchase at the Royal Russia Bookshop.
The following review of Alexander III: His Life and Reign was published on on June 7, 2014: 
This is a substantial book about a substantial leader (in both senses!). Alexander III represented an interim figure of solidity if not repression, reigning between the reforming Alexander II and the ill-fated Nicholas II. His father and his son were murdered, whereas Alexander III died of natural causes.

The book is a comprehensive analysis of Alexander, both in his personal and political life. Fifteen chapters, a conclusion, glossary and eight appendices amount to almost 600 pages and a significant scholarly achievement. It will be of value both to those interested in Russian history and to academic historians. The only disappointment is that it would have been enhanced by the provision of an index.

The writing is clear and presents the information (collected from extensive Russian sources of the day) in an unbiased way, leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions rather than having unwarranted opinions foisted on them. For example, the book lays out Alexander’s repressive acts against the Jews and against his political opponents as well as his reforms of domestic policy, such as raising the level of education. That said, Nelipa is not without the ability to draw compassion from the reader; I suspect there will not be many a dry eye after the chapter that describes the death of his elder brother, Niksa.

The book represents a fine example of a political biography, balancing descriptions of his public acts with his private life, and indicating the connection between the two. So the death of his father at the hands of revolutionaries, and before that his father’s unconventional private life, is explained to have contributed to Alexander’s conservative if not repressive attitude to ruling both the country and his own family.

So by the time you get to the end of the book, with a touchingly written description of the death of the Emperor, you will feel that you have grown to know, and maybe respect, if not necessarily like, Alexander III of Russia.
For more information on this title, please click on the order button below:


© Royal Russia. 31 March, 2015


Posted by Paul Gilbert at 8:00 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 31 March 2015 1:13 PM EDT
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Sunday, 15 February 2015
Royal Russia Annual No. 7 - Winter 2015 - NOW IN STOCK!
Topic: Books

The No. 7 - Winter 2015 issue of our official magazine, Royal Russia Annual is now in stock and available for purchase from our online bookshop. 

The No. 7 Winter 2015 edition welcomes Margarita Nelipa as resident writer. Nelipa enjoys a faithful following, thanks to her previously published books - The Murder of Grigorii Rasputin (2010) and Alexander III: His Life and Reign (2014), and her yet to be published third book, Alexei. Russia's Last Imperial Heir: A Chronicle of Tragedy (to be published in 2015). Many readers are anticipating her debut in the pages of our popular periodical with great interest and enthusiasm. Nelipa's contribution will compliment our other gifted writers in bringing you new, previously unpublished works on the Romanovs, their legacy and the history of Imperial Russia.

The following 8 full-length articles will be featured in the next issue of Royal Russia:

Servant to Three Emperors: Count Vladimir Borisovich Frederiks
- a prominent figure in the public life of pre-revolutionary Russia, his career spanned over six decades. He outlived three Emperors and was witness to several remarkable events, including the abdication of Nicholas II in 1917. At the peak of his career Frederiks served as Minister of the Imperial Court and Appanages as well as Chancellor of the Russian and Imperial Orders and the Commander of the Imperial Apartments. Widely recognized by his white drooping moustache, he is often seen in photographs shadowing Emperor Nicholas II, however, for the most part few today have any idea as to who Count Vladimir Borisovich Frederiks was and what role he had played as the key Minister in the last imperial Court
by Margarita Nelipa

'A True Friend of Russia' - Russia's Relations with Siam
- the relationship between the royal courts of Russia and Siam (Thailand), includes the visit of Nicholas II as Tsarevitch to Siam, plus Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich's visit for the King of Siam's coronation in 1910
by Coryne Hall

Young Catherine the Great: The Classified Memoirs
- the period of her childhood and youth is explored, including the circumstances of her marriage to the Russian Grand Duke Peter Feodorovich
by Irene Galaktinovna

Fragments of Memories - Part I - My Father
- the youngest child of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich reflects on the life of her August father
by Princess Vera Konstantinovna
Fragments of Memories - Part II - My Family
- the youngest child of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich reflects on her parents and siblings
by Princess Vera Konstantinovna 

My Russia: The Imperial Hermitage Theatre
- built during the reign of Empress Catherine II, the history of one of St. Petersburg’s oldest theatres is explored. It served in part as the venue for the famous luxurious ball held in 1903, in which members of the Russian Imperial family and the aristocracy wore costumes of 17th century from the time of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich
by Paul Gilbert

Mr. Stewart and the Romanovs
- Herbert Stewart served as tutor to the children of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich and Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna in Imperial Russia from 1908 to 1917
by Peter Rogers

My Memories of the Tsar's Children
the virtually unknown tutor to the four daughters of Emperor Nicholas II between 1905-1914, shares his memories of the Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia
by John Epps

Plus 2 collections of rare and vintage photographs:

Frozen in Time
- featuring photographic memories of the Russian Imperial family

The Lost World of Imperial Russia 
- featuring vintage photographs of Imperial Russia before the Revolution

Watch for our advertisements in upcoming issues of Majesty and Russian Life magazines. Royal Russia Annual can be purchased at the NEW Royal Russia Bookshop (Canada), (United States), Booksellers van Hoogstraten (Den Haag, Netherlands), and Librairie Galignani (Paris, France). 


© Gilbert's Books. 20 December, 2014


Posted by Paul Gilbert at 12:30 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 5 August 2015 9:01 AM EDT
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