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South Park Zoo

Cow-The South Park Cow is a Reoccuring animal in South Park. The Visiters Think that they are the most intelligent beings on this planet (Earth).

Elephant-Elephant is Kyle's Pet. Kyle Tried to make him smaller by splicing its genes with Fluffy(below), but since a pig and elephants genes just won't splice (haven't you've ever heard that song by loverboy?) they ended up getting them drunk and making them have sex.

Fluffy-She is Cartman's Pig. Kyle made them have sex(read about it above) and when she gave birth the babies looked awfully like Mr. Garrison.()

Sparky-Stan's Dog. He's Gay. He follows Stan to his football games

Bunny-He's 1 of the many animals that Jimbo & Ned hunt.

Killer Turkey-A turkey that the Mad Gene Splicer created on Thanksgiving that started to kill everyone.

Puffy Bear-He convinced(so called) Cartman that Hitler was bad and that "dressing up like Hitler in School, isn't cool".