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South Park X-Files

Skuzzlebutt-He is a big hairy creature with Patrick Duffy for a leg, celery for a left arm and weaves baskets. Stan kills it.

Visiter-It is a reoccuring character in South Park(in fact it reoccurs in EVERY episode!!) They abducted the cows and gave them a devices that makes people sing and dance
Halfy-He is a person with no legs that couldn't screw anything
The Man In Black-He flys around in black CIA helcopters and moniters the existence of extraterrestrials.
Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka-It can supposivly kill you with 1 look at its eyes, it put Ned into a shock, Even though it was a fake....
Mr Hankey-He is a piece of crap that can walk (well...Hop) and talk
Nurse Gollum-She has a dead fetus sticking out of her head