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Zerg Larva
Primary Attack- None, metamorphs into other strains.
These maggot like creature contain the genetic code for every zerg strain. Simply click on them, and pick which strain you want.
Zerg Drone
Primary Attack- Corrosive Spittle
These creatures are the "workers" for the zerg. They are the ones who gather the minerals and gas you need to produce the different buildings and species. They also are the once who metamorph into buildings, instead of building them.
Zerg Overlord
Primary Attack- None
These are the commanders of the Zerg. They transport and protect the zerg spawns.
Zerg Zergling
Primary Attack- Sickle limbs and fangs
These spawns have simple DNA codes, you can produce 2 from one larva. They are considered very dangerous when in packs. put virtually harmless when along compared to a Terran Marine or Protoss Zealot.
Zerg Hydralisk
Primary Attack- Spines and forearm blades
These are one of the most vicious and dangerous of the Zerg breeds. They can shoot spines from their mouth so hard, they can puncture virtually anything, including terran armor and protoss shields.
Zerg Ultralisk
Primary Attack- Keiser Blades
These creatures are known as "living tanks", Their jaws have jagged edges, so they are even more dangerous then they seem, but are uncommen among the Zerg breeds.
Zerg Defiler
Primary Attack- Plague Toxins
This breed is very rare, and server only as an aide when attacking or defending. They have special techiques like the Dark Plague, when they shoot biochemicals on their prey and they slowly but indefinetly corrode through almost anything
Zerg Mutalisk
Primary Attack- Glaive Wurm
These breeds are enigmas, they somehow menuever through vacuums or through controlled flights through atmospheres. They produce small "glaive wurms" the fly between atleast 3 units, producing damage to each one, but the last one has the least damage and first one has the most (etc.)
Zerg Gaurdian
Primary Attack- Biotoxins
Like the zerg defiler, these breeds produce biotoxins that aid in a zerg attack. They can "spawn broodling" which they spew out an egg into an unsuspecting unit, killing it instantly and leaving 2 "broodling" in the enemys place. they may kill another unit or 2 but they die after a number of moments.
Starcraft Espansion: Brood War
Zerg Lurker
Primary Attack- Subterranean Spines
One of the newer, and deadlier unit is the Zerg Lurker. When in its burrowed lair, it can project spines above ground and kill enemy units. It serves as a good defense.
Zerg Devourer
Primary Attack- Corrosive Acid
Bred from the Mutalisk, this unit shoots out corrosive acid, and is very fast. The acid slows down the fire of the enemy unit with hit with it.

Terran SCV (Space Construction Vehicle)
Primary Attack- Fusion Cutters
This Terran unit is just like the drone, it is the "worker" of the Terran. It can build, repair, and even attack.
Terran Marine
Primary Attack- 8mm C-14 "impaler" Gauss Rifle
Marines are the primary defense for the terran. You can research the "Stim Pack" and they will be a lot faster and it increases their response time, but it takes away some life, but is worth it.
Terran Firebat
Primary Attack- Twin Plasma-based Perdition Flame Throwers
These units have 2 arm-mounted flame throwers which are very powerfull. With the stim pack researched, they are a good weapon against enemy sieges and zerglings.
Terran Ghost
Primary Attack- 25mm C-10 Canister Rifle
Ghosts can cloak, with their personal cloaking device. And they are armed with laser sights used for nuking and a lockdown bullet used to "lockdown" enemy mechanical units and be free to kill them without having to worry about them fighting back.
Terran Vulture
Primary Attack- Anti-Personnel Fragmentation Grenades/Spider Mines (optional)
These units are the primary vehicle for the Terran. The are equipted with powerful grenades and spider mines. Spider Mines are VERY powerful, they burrow and remain dormant untill an enemy comes by, then it unburrows and packs a powerful splash damage to the enemy, and you if you don't get out of the way.
Terran Goliath
Primary Attack- Twin 30mm Autocannons/ Hellfir Anti-Air Missles
These are good defense against air units, in fact, their ground weapon (30mm auto-cannons) are less powerful than the air weapon(Hellfire Missles)
Terran Arclite Siege Tank
Primary Attack- Twin 80mm Cannons/ 120mm Shock Cannon
These tanks also serve as good ground defense, when in seige mode(Reseached at the Machine Shop) it has a massive attack range and very powerful splash damage. In tank mode, it is mobile, but not as powerful.
Terran Dropship
Primary Attack- None
This unit has no attack, but can air transport the terran units to almost anywhere.
Terran CF/A-17 Wraith
Primary Attack- Gemini Air-to-Air Missles/ 25mm Burst Laser (Model CF/A-17G only)
These are the primary air units for the Terran. They are good for attacking, because of their personal cloaking device, like the ghost.
Terran Behemoth Battlecruiser
Primary Attack- Laser Batteries/ Yamato Cannon (Limited Availibility
These massive air units are like the ground siege tanks. They are very powerful and have a large attack range.
Terran Explorer Science Vessel
Primary Attack- None
These units are good detecters, for detecting cloaked and burrowed units. They really only have 1 defense, irradicate, but it only works on organic units. They are equiped with defense matrix too. Which aid in battle too.
Starcraft Expansion: Brood War
Terran Medic
Primary Attack- None
These are VERY good when attacking. Keep them near a group of Marines or Firebats or Ghosts, they last 10 times longer, because of the healing that they do.
Terran Valkyrie
Primary Attack- H.A.L.O Cluster Rockets
These can only attack air, but are very good at it! They send out a volley of 12 rockets per attack, and have the widest attack range i have ever seen.

Protoss Probe
Primary Attack- Particle Beam
Like the Drone, and SCV, these are the workers of the Protoss. And instead of building, or mophing into buildings, they warp them in from their home planet, "Auir"
Protoss Zealot
Primary Attack- Psionic Blades
These are High Templars in the making. They are the primary ground unit of the Protoss. They are very strong, but they cannot attack air units. And serve as good attackers.
Protoss Dragoon
Primary Attack- Phase Disruptor
Looking like spiders, dragoons have good air and ground defense. They serve best with zealot, because the zealots cannot attack air units.
Protoss High Templar
Primary Attack- PSI assult
These units are good for attacking large groups of enemys. They have a feature called "Psionic Storm" that can kill a lot of units that are close together. And 2 of the can merge into a Archon.
Protoss Archon
Primary Attack- Psionic Shockwave
These almost mystical units are very powerful. They resemble Ultralisks and Siege Tank by power. The are almost unstoppable in large groups. But you need 2 High Templars to do make just 1 Archon.
Protoss Reaver
Primary Attack- Manufactures Scarab Drones
These bad boys are even tougher than the archons and sieges and ultras. The manufacture little robots that have major damage to large groups of units.
Protoss Scout
Primary Attack- Dual Photon Blasters/Anit-Matter Missles
These are the primary air unit in the protoss alliance. They are very good against air units. They are strong against ground units too.
Protoss Shuttle
Primary Attack- None
These air units are just like the overlord and the dropship, they transport units to almost wherever you want.
Protoss Arbitor
Primary Attack- Phase Disrupter Cannon
These are good during attacks too, because they have cloaking fields, and not like the terran wraiths or ghosts. but they don't cloak, the allied units all around them cloak. and they have other features like the "Recall", which transports selected units to wherever that specific arbitor is.
Protoss Carrier
Primary Attack- Manufactures Intercepters
These are like the devourer and battlecruisers. they manufacturr up to 8 intercepters at a time. The intercepters are little air units the swarm the targeted enemy. they are very effecting in groups.
Protoss Observers
Primary Attack- None
These are automatically cloaked, they are used to spot out burrowed or cloaked units, not much else.
Starcraft Expansion: Brood War
Protoss Dark Templars
Primary Attack- Warp Blades
Dark Templars are also automatically cloaked, and have powerful warp blades, like the high templars, 2 of them merge, forming a Dark Templar.
Protoss Dark Archon
Primary Attack- None
These are very good to have around the base. They have no attack, but they have "Mind Control", which if you mind control an enemy drone, or SCV, you can build zerg or terran units and buildings!
Protoss Corsairs
Primary Attack- Neutron Flare
These air units have a neutron flare, which isn't very powerful, but it is very quick and mayby could win a battle between a wraith or mutalisk. They also have a "Disruption Web" that can "disrupt" ground units or defense buildings, making then useless untill they move out of it!

This information has come from the Blizzard Website and the Starcraft books and Starcraft: Brood War Books that came with the CD-Rom.