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South Park Citizens

Officer Barbrady-He is South Parks legal force. He is incompetent.
Mayer-She is South Parks Mayer(obviously). She blames all her problems on other people.
Mr Garrison & Mr Hat-They aren't gay(or so they say).Mr Garrison is the school teacher and Mr Hat is like an assistant to him, even though he is a puppet.
Jimbo-He is an outdoors man type guy.
Ned-Ned is Jimbo's old war buddy.He has throat cancer and has to speak through a cancer kazoo.
Mephesto-He is a "Mad Gene Splicer" and creates things like a 4-assed monkey.
Chef-Chef is the schools cafeteria's chef. He likes to sing dirty songs.
Mrs. Crabtree-She is the "bitch" who drives the school bus. She always has at least one bird in her hair.
Train Engineer-He won't let cows on a human train...cause there cows.
Cartman's Mom-She spoils Cartman with foods such as "chocolate chicken pot pie" and "powdered suger surprise pancakes"
Kenny's Dad-He is poor becuase he spends all of his money on scotch.
Kenny's Mom-Well not much to say here... she is just a citizen.
Kyle's Mom, Shelia-She gets a hair up her ass about little things like "TV shows that destroy their childs education" and "Christmas".
Shelly Marsh-She has head gear and a neck brace and beats up Stan(her brother).
Stan's Mom-She is stans mom. She acts like a normal mom (in the 1970's).
Stan's Dad, Randy-He is Stan's Dad and is a seismologist.