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Episode Review

- S P O I L E R -
#310 - Jewbilee
Rating - * * * *
This is the third part of the meteor shower party. The first was w/ Cartman, second with Stan, and now whos left? KYLE AND KENNY! Finally, after 2 episodes, Kenny will die! Alright, enough chit-chat, onto the review. It starts off with Kyle in the bathroom washing up for Jewbilee camp. Kyle was putting on his jew scouts uniform and so was Ike. When Kenny came to the door. Kyle asked if Kenny can come along, and his parents agreed. They where on their way to jewbilee camp, when they saw a bear (that won't be the last time we see him). They make it to jewbilee camp, and Ike goes with a teenager in a group called "Squirts". Ike doesn't wanna be in squirts though. Because he doesn't fit in, he can't talk and his head opens up when he mumbles. So they make macaroni pictures. Back with Kyle and Kenny, Kenny is getting admitted to Jewbilee, because he is a first timer.

Meanwhile, in the elders room, a new section of judiasm's elder protests the worshiping of moses. He insists that you should worship heman (Pronounced the same way as Yeman , except with an "h"). Kenny and Kyle are making soap sculptures for Moses. They offer them to Moses. But Moses craves macaroni pictures. BUT THE SQUIRTS ARE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!

Ah-ha! There they are! In the woods looking for that bear that we saw on the road. The leader really wants his hunting badge, so thats why he goes after it. But each time they try to catch it, another squirt gets taken by the bear, untill they are all gone. Meanwhile, Moses finds out that kenny is not a jew. So he is banned from jewbilee. Then the elder who doesn't believe in worshiping moses traps moses in a conk shell. And summons heman, after which, of course, he traps everyone in the cabin, except for the squirts and Kenny. So kenny goes off into the woods, and gets taken by the bear. And Kenny tells the squirts what has happend (because the squirts weren't eaten, but just taken because the bears cub is having a birthday party. So the squirts get the key for the cabin, and kenny tries to get Moses outta the conk shell. He tries everything, and nothing happends. So then he breaks it with his head. Killing him. And moses destroys heman and everyone lives happily ever after.

" * " ratings are based out of five... five being the best, one being the worst