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Popular Starcraft Maps

Blood Bath-This map was made for 2-4 players, it is a map divided into four sections... easy for defense and offense. Very fun to play on.
The Hunters-This map is a favorite because of the same reasons as blood bath... it is divided into sections and easy to prepare for attacks and to attack... it is good to attack on because you have one main focus area.
Big Game Hunters-This is the same as Hunters except more minerals and gas... my personal favorite.
Use Map Settings
The Elements-This map is fun to play... you choose "Elements" like Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Spirit. You have to acheive master status and defeat the overmind, there are many version of this map.
Defend the TempleOn this one, you have to defend your temple from the computer, you can choose "Marine Corp" "Mech Warriers" "Battle Angels" or "Ion Cannon Operaters". Then you recieve a certain amount of that unit and destroy the computer before the destroy you.
Bunker Command 1 & 2This one is cool, you start off w/ one powerfull firebat, 10 marines and 1 observer. Then you scout to find the enemies bunker... and kill stuff, the more points you get, the more reinforcements you get. Bunker Command 2 is the same except different map and units.
**I will add to this as soon as more cool maps come out, these popularity ranks are from