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Past News - HSPS

Monday, July 26 - 12:06 PM
If you didn't notice already, i put up my new layout for my starcraft site. Check it out.

Now that i got the layout for HSPS, HSS and that my partner for the ultimate star wars site is on vacation, i am gonna work on my home page, which will be the grand daddy of all my pages, featuring all the updates from all my sites and much more. I will post it on all my sites when it is done.

And also if you didn't notice already, i have turned all the links blue... so they will be easier to find on my page (since they aren't underlined).

Sunday, July 25 - 5:57 PM
Well, im almost finished w/ my new layout for my starcraft site. Expect it done on tuesday.

Thursday, July 22 - 7:41 PM
Hell, im on a webmastering rampage here, this is my 3RD update in the same day. But i guess thats what you expect when you get a new layout.

Now, onto the updates. For everypage now, i have added my logo on them. It makes them look more professional, and you still know that you are on HSPS. Well, expect more updates (not necessarily 3) tomorrow.

Thursday, July 22 - 2:57 PM
Hey, im sorry about the annoying banners on top of my page, i want some more hits on my site, so i am participating in webrings and link exchanges...

Also, VOTE FOR ME As the angelfire page of the month, your vote will be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, July 22 - 10:10 AM
Hey im back after the new episode, and i got the review for ya.

Also, i am makin my whole page have this value type layout, i am creating table backgrounds for each page and headline.

Monday, July 19 - 6:15 PM
Hey fellow south park fans, i got a little treat for you. In honor of the new South Park episode tonight, im revealing my NEW LAYOUT today. Please if you have any tips for me on the layout, email me. Your tips are appreciated as well as taken.

ALSO, i will be making a new layout for the home page too, it will feature all the updates for my 3 pages (including my new star wars site when it opens). But this is all AFTER i finish my star wars page, which won't be opening for about 2-3 more months.