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Latest Episode Review
___________Latest: 6/23/99
#306 - Shop Teacher
Rating - * * *
This episode begins in shop class (oddly enough). The teacher has a picture of a woman on his desk. While the kids are makin stuff, he daydreams of that girl. But it isn't a pleasant one. That girl apparently died in some sort of plan crash or something.

Anyhoo... The teacher asked who the biggest troublemaker in the class was. Kyle and Stan said Tweek. Cartman said Clyde(by the way, Kenny is in Home Ec.). So to prove their point, they make up stuff and tell Tweek and Clyde that they are saying stuff about them behind thier back. So they do get into a fight, Clyde fights Martial Arts style, while Tweek fights Boxing style. The fight makes its way into the shop room, (after Kenny got transfered to there, because the Home Ec. teacher thought he didn't belong there.).The shop teacher was trying to kill himself in the shop room, Kenny gets pushed and gets thrown into a box of nails. Tweek and Clyde are in the hospital, because they hurt each other. And Kyle, Stan, and Cartman still want them to fight, so they make up some more stuff and they get into another fight.

" * " ratings are based out of five... five being the best, one being the worst