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South Park Morgue
Barbara Streisand- She turned into the mighty "MECHA STREISAND!!" but Robert Smith of "The Cure" defeated her after she had been weakend by Leanord Malton and Syndy Potier... She got thrown into outer space and exploded.
Eric Roberts- He got eaten by Jimbo, The Mayor, Ned (etc.) in the Cartman's Father part "2" episode. They were trapped and snowed in while they where shooting a dramatization of the shooting of Mephesto, and Eric Roberts was one of the cast, but since they where snowed in there for like 3 hours they resorted to cannibalizm and nobody gave a sh*t about Eric Roberts
The Mexican Stareing frog of Southern Sri Lanka-He can supposivly kill with 1 hoard gaze but when he put Ned into catatonic shock, Jimbo shot him with his shotgun and literally blew him to pieces.
Stans Evil Clone-He was a genetic mishap created by Mephesto for his son's science project, but he destroyed the town and Mephesto shot him and he died.
Suckubutt -She is a evil demon from the underworld and she tries to take chef away from the boys, but Mr. Garrison tells them how to kill her, to sing a song (i forget which one) backwords. She gets sucked back into the underworld afterthat.

Frequent Mortuary Award

KENNY-He, uh, well dies in (almost) every episode but keeps on comin back.

Huh, i didn't know that that many people died in this quiet, pissant, white-breed, little mountain town. Did YOU?