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Wednesday - 12/3 - 4:40 PM

The hive (including all the sites) is closed for a while, not the sections, only the updating. I am working hard on a new layout for hsps. seeya

Thursday - 9/16 - 5:04 PM

Got a little surprise for you fellow south park fans, a NEW LAYOUT! Since the world or south park is very slow nowadays, i, quite frankly, was bored. So instead of writing up new info sections on my starcraft site or star wars site, i decided to do something fun.

Saturday - 8/28 - 11:19 AM
Well, looks like blizzard got ahold of my .scm section and took it down... guess i had too much info on it. Well, from now on, i will have the link up and pic, so go to blizzards site for the .scm of the week.

Also, I have to go to school Monday... so updates will be very slow. I haven't updated in a while because i have been workin on my star wars site with funjunkie. We still got LOTS of work to do.

Saturday - 8/7 - 2:25PM

Got the .SCM of the week up, hence the past .scms are updated.

Thursday - 8/5 - 12:40PM

Hi, no updates for a while, but i have gotten the review up for "summer sucks", and i divided the review pages into 3, for each season. Check it out here.

Monday - 8/2 - 1:51PM

Well, this is the hive. It features
  • Updates from all my pages
  • Exclusive info that you will only find here about my sites
  • Whats new
  • My most recent bio
  • Cool Fonts (only one now, more to come)

Friday - 7/30 - 12:05PM

Hey, this is the grand opening of Hornets Hive! Enjoy. More sections to come


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