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Terran Buildings

Command Center (Mobile Building)
Command Centers serve as the focal points for all Terran outposts. Originally designed to be roving resource processors for Confederate Prospectors, the Command Centers can pick up stakes and move on to new Mineral or Vespene deposits. They also have the ability to manufacture SCVs and serve as the return point for mining vehicles. Heavily armored and sturdy, the slow moving Command Centers are most vulnerable when they are on the move.

ComSat Station (Add-On to Command Center)
This auxiliary building provides the Command Center with improved communicatinos and scanning technologies.

  • Scanner Sweep - Directiong a focused scanner sweep of an area will reveal any units and buildings located there, inculding cloaked and concealed enemies.

Nuclear Silo (Add-On to Command Center)
After the Korhal incident, full-scale nuclear weapons were banned from use on habitable worlds, but smaller tactical nuclear weapons are still used by Confederate forces.

  • Build Nuke - The somewhat dangerous Nuclear Silo can produce and house a single tactical nuclear warhead. To prevent outside tampering with the missile guidance commands, a Ghost agent is required to acutally direct the missile to its target.

Supply Depot
The Supply Depot houses all of the goods, tools and accessories that are necessary in the day-to-day running of Terran outposts. As various encampments grown and prosper, it is necessary to provide an ever-increasing amount of supplies for colonists and military forces alike.

Vespene Refinery
The rather ramshackle Refineries were designed to speed up the arduous process of Vespene mining on the more desolate Terran worlds. Once constructed on top of a Vespene geyser, the Refinery will automatically package the gas into containers easily transpotable by SCVs.

Barracks (Mobile Building)
The Barracks houses and trains all of the Terran infantry units. Like the Command Center, it is a mobile structure able to traverse great distances in order to reach new hot-zones or deployment centers.

Produces Type
Marines Infantry
Firebats Infantry
Ghosts Infantry
Medics (Brood War only) Infantry

The Confederate Marine Corps is always researching new technologies and seeking to improve the quiality of its presonnel. The Academy is the promary center of the research.

  • Research U-238 Shells. - These depleted uranium shells are designed to provide a greater firing range for the C-14 Gauss Rifle carried by Terran Marines.
  • Research StimPack - When activated, the StimPack provides the user with greatly increased speed and reflexes. Some tissure damage may result.

Engineering Bay (Mobile Building)
An Engineering Bay is vital to improving the quality of weapons and armor used by Terran ground troops. Possessing a degree of mobility, the Engineering Bay is one of the more vital buildings in any Terran settlement.

  • Upgrade Infantry Weapons - This upgrade enhances the standard issue weapons carried by the Terran Marine, Firebat, and Ghost.
  • Upgrade Infantry Armor - This upgrade enhances the standard issue armor worn by the Terran Marine, Firebat, and Ghost

Factory (Mobile Building)
The massive, automated Factory is the primary production center for all Terran ground-based vehicles, from the speedy Vulture to the massive Siege Tank. Factories are heavily armored and mobile, but their tremendous import to a strong military presence makes them likely targets for enemy forces.
Produces Type
Vultures Vehicle
Siege Tanks Vehicle
Goliaths Vehicles

Machine Shop (Add-On to Factory)
The Factory is primarily designed to assemble prefabricated vehicle designes and components. A Machine Shop is necessary to process the parts needed for heavier vehicles and to develp new technology and upgrades for existing vehicle designs.

  • Ion Thrusters - Originally designed for inner-atmoshere shuttles, these engines have been modified to provide increased speed for the Terran Vulture Hover Cycle.
  • Spider Mines - Vultures can be equipped with small, motion-detecting mines that bury themselves once deployed. These mines automatically track nearby targets.
  • Seige Tech - This technology retrofits the Arclite Siege Tank to transform into a startionary artillery piece capable of delivering increased damage at a longer range.

Within the battered walls of the Armory, Terran researchers and test groups work to develop improved materials for the heavy weapons and armor used by Terran vehicles and starships.

  • Upgrade Vehicle Weapons - This upgrade enhances the standard issue weapons mounted on the Terran Vulture, Goliath and Siege Tank.
  • Upgrade Vehicle Armor - This upgrade hardens the standard armor of the Terran Vulture, Goliath and Siege Tank.
  • Upgrade Ship Weapons - This upgrade enhances the standard issue weapons mounted on the Terran Wraith, and Battlecruiser.
  • Upgrade Ship Armor - This upgrade strenghens the standard armor of the Terran Wraith, Dropship, Science Vessel, and Battlecruiser

Starport (Mobile Building)
The large, highly advanced Starport is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all space-faring vehicles and starships used by the Confederacy. Like all primary structures it is mobile, but extremely vulnerable, while in transit.
Produces Type
Wraith Starship
Dropship Starship
Battlecruiser Starship
Science Vessel Explorer
Valkyrie (Brood War Only) Starship

Control Tower (Add-On to Starport)
A Contriol Tower is necessary to cooridnate the constuction and upgrading of advanced Terran vessels.

  • Cloaking Field - The activation of a Cloaking Field renders the Wraith fighter undetectable to most units.
  • Apollo Reactor - These high-yield uranium reactors permit the Wraith fighter to remain cloaked for longer periods of time.

Science Facility (Mobile Building)
Terran researchers work with forced diligence at the Science Facility to develop radical new weapons and defensive systems for the good of the Confederacy. Rumored to study and anylize the radically advanced technology of the Protoss, these scientists constantly strive to bridge the vast gap between Terran science and alien knowlege.
  • Defensive Matrix - Research this technology creates a type of defensive field deployable by the Explorer Science Vessel.
  • EMP Shockwave - Explorer Science Vessels outfitted with EMP Generator can disable nearby shields and special electronics through a massive, short ranged electromagnetic pulse.
  • Irradiate - Created as a by-product of research into nuclear waste disposal, radiation field generation has become a growing area of Science Vessel experiments. Effects of Irradiation are limited to a localized radius around the specified target.
  • Titan Reactor - Wehn installed onboard Explorer Science Vessels, these giant fusion-pod reactors provide increased energy output.

Physics Lab (Add-On to Science Facility)
By adding a high-energy particle accelerator and exhaustive diognostic equipment to an existing Research Center, Terran scientists have been able to facilitate the development of various technological advancements.

  • Yamato Gun - By using an intense magnetic field to focus a small unclear explosion into a cohesive beam of energy, the Yamato Gun allows Terran Battlecruisers to blast a path through almost any defense.
  • Colossus Reactor - The increased energy output of this reactor better meets the massive energy requirements of the Yamato Cannon.

Covert Ops Center (Add-On to Science Facility)
Only the most trusted officers and researchers are allowed into the Covert Ops Center, which conducts all experimental research for the Confederate Intelligence Corps.

  • Lockdown - Designed for the Ghost C-10 Canister Rifle, Lockdown ammo temporarily disables mechanized units caught within their blast.
  • Ocular Implants - In an effort to improve their effectiveness as covert operatives, Ghost agents can undergo radical surgery to replace their eyes with these sight-range enhancing cybernetic devises.
  • Personal Claoking - Based on the stealth technology employed by Wraith fighters, personal cloaking fields provide Ghost agents with the ultimate in infiltration capabilities
  • Moebius Reactor - The exclusive equipment of Ghost agents, these micro-reactors are designed for use with both Lockdown and Claoking technologies.

Missile Turret
Missile Turrets are relatively inexpensive structures that will automatically target and fire upon incoming enemy aircraft. They also serve as sentry stations equipped with powerful sensors capable of detecting cloaked vessels.

Designed to safeqaurd troops from enemy fire, Bunkers can be constructed to defend any pivotal location. Troops within Bunkers can fire upon enemy forces while remaining safe from damage sustained from enemy fire.

All building definitions are taken from Blizzard's Starcraft instruction manuel.