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ICQ List - Highlander Fan List

Highlander Fan List

I list the ICQ numbers of all members below, allowing quick contact with members for anyone who may visit this page. All Highlander Fan List members are included in the list below by default. To omit your name from the list please email me. Thank you.

ICQ List Name: Highlander Fan List
Description / Purpose: For identification of Highlander fans with ICQ and to discuss Highlander related topics and questions.
ICQ ListMaster: Rob
Number Of Members: 271
List Created On: 07/27/97
Last Updated On: 01/16/00

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Highlander Fan List
Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN)ContactRemarks Language
Aarena Aarena 5313992 PAGE nothing in particular, just HL and immortal stuff English
Adam Adam 10617558 PAGE I'm a huge fan of Highlander, and i love swords. English
Terry MaddMardigan 33506534 PAGE "when you feel the blade striking you'll know what mortals fear" THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE English, German
Adrian Qady 2411990 PAGE None English
Adrianne Adreeanna 1669971 PAGE Huge fan of the Highlander Series and Adrian Paul. English
ahmed ssas 54260217 PAGE None English
Alanna Lannie 35575564 PAGE I have watched "Highlander the Series" since it began. I love the romance and the sword fights. Adrian Paul is a remarkable actor and a nice person. "There can be only one." It is Adrian Paul. English
Coleman Cole 17589459 PAGE Love to talk about the highlander series both tv and the movies. Like style and portrayal of historic events in the TV SERIES. English
Amy Elspeth MacNut 7411619 PAGE None English
Amy Nemo 19683622 PAGE Love Highlander: movie and series! Feel free to give me a shout! English
Andre Whisper 11584826 PAGE I think Highlander is a great movie and series. English
Andr Rukus 35895009 PAGE A tiny Highlander Site is on my Website, it's german, but you may like it: German (deutsch) and English
Andrea andrea2112 36485081 PAGE None English, Spanish
Anonymous Lady Valarian or VanillaFire 11537599 PAGE Highlander Totally Rocks!!!:-) I am a 27 year old female who loves an intelligent chat. I study Shaolin Do Martial Arts and Taichi. Other interests: Diablo, fantasy novels/art, star wars, X-files, martial arts flics, Tarrantino flics, etc. English
Dagian Dagian 4683718 PAGE Historical Researcher. Enjoys discussing all aspects of the Highlander mythology, as beautiful produced by Davis/Panzer and brought to life by a wonderful cast of talented actors. English
ARENIVAR ARENIVAR 21403743 PAGE None English, Spanish
Arii Arii 2132129 PAGE Love Methos. Adore Methos. Oh, and Kronos, too. English, German
Armando dax 20998781 PAGE Me considero tambien un inmortal. Spanish
Scott Superpotts 13067061 PAGE Highlander is the absolute best show known to man. There will never be anything like it again. English
Asli surrealpink 20848352 PAGE None English,Turkish
Jim jedi 7744343 PAGE I''m a big Highlander fan, especially of the movies. I maintain a page where you can find lots of Highlander stuff. English, some Spanish
B sassy2335 6950175 PAGE Huge Highlander and Star Trek fan. English
Wolfe Wolfesong 11120676 PAGE English, French, Cherokee
John Dragos 22684188 PAGE Adrian lives his life to a set of morals that relates people to it. He draws in he mystic and supernatural while still being believable. English
Jeri Jeri MacNut 3151577 PAGE Highlander is by far my favorite show English
Berni Immortal 26714388 PAGE I love the Highlanger Series! I don't like the 2nd and 3rd movie. They are so bad! English, German
BERYL SWEETIE 51829793 PAGE None English
Beth Aldebaran 18146248 PAGE Highlander: The Series fan. English
Beth Struck 32979069 PAGE None English
Bev Vebie MacWoW 14067405 PAGE I am totally enamoured of AP, and watch all of his acting endeavors. I watch HL as often as it appears, and will continue to do so adinfinitum! British!!, and a petit Francaise
Bob Marker 12821441 PAGE Samurai English y Poquito Espanol
Kevin brat 36331365 PAGE None English
David Dave 44630026 PAGE To me the tv show embodied the rare qualitys of honor and loyality, traits that are sorely missing these days English
Dru Tosca 17048330 PAGE I love to chat about HL! Methos and Kalas are my favs. I watch with a sense of humor, and while I adore the show I like to poke fun too! Zoom me! and ICQ me! English
Tanis Tolkien 3221970 PAGE None English
Renee Gypsy 4294854 PAGE I enjoy watching both Highlanders; Connor & Duncan. English
June jbrown 4961393 PAGE Love watching highlander the series. English
BRYAN BOSS 9163951 PAGE HI English
Dian Dansex 2960441 PAGE None English
Doug Mr. Blonde 934832 PAGE Into Highlander, The Crow, any sick movies such as Clockwork Orange, Reservior Dogs, The Blues Brothers, etc. English
Cain Cain 4014292 PAGE Huge Highlander Fan. English
Camila DarkAngel 15178539 PAGE I love Heavy Metal, vampires and immortals..... Portugues and English
rachel celticangel 5629578PAGE i love highlander adrian paul stan kirsch peter w and h any thing to do with sword fighting robin hood three musketers ect... English
James cuetip 6236962 PAGE Prefers the movies over the series. English
Jennifer Ratgirl 1835745 PAGE WBS Highlander Chat Room English
Carlos nimrod 31036654PAGE None Spanish, English
Jeffrey Eddie Katz 2031230 PAGE uhh stuff. English, a little Spanish
Jason Crash2000 10367997PAGE I love the Highlander Universe, big fan of methos and richie. English
Robert Robert.1999 24645829PAGE None English
cheryl - 33997446PAGE None English
Chiara aquile 28437020PAGE None English, Italian
Real The_Keeper 20049823PAGE In the end there can only be one...may it be Duncan Macleod! English
clanmac_4 - 54512248PAGE None English
coco clown -23- 842838PAGE Im a big highlander fan! I've been watching the show since it began. Spanish, English
Codi DasBoot 34280808PAGE I love Highlander!! It rocks!!! Spanish, English
Collette Espada 9417638PAGE I love anything Highlander and am a member of PEACE. English
Conner - 27058366PAGE I'm the last one. English, Italian
tami tomboy 25113755PAGE i LOVE christopher lambert in any movie he plays in but especially HIGHLANDER English
Craig Bard 2025529 PAGE I love highlander and really anything with swords and magic and stuff in it. English
cydney dolphin 14928030PAGE i love highlander. English
Christian Highlander18 6007621 PAGE I love the show so much I went out and bought Duncan's sword. Love to chat about the show to anyone. English
David Connor MacLeod 1714593 PAGE None English
Debbi Sasha 614037PAGE Loves Highlander and all things Scottish/Celtic. English
Debra MacK 6564399 PAGE None English
Ana nne 'ŵtri@ 21915886PAGE None Portuguese/Spanish, English
Diane Lady McBeath 18400577 PAGE Member of the Clan MacWoW and the Clan Denial English
Diego Boss 4186526PAGE there can be only one! English, Italian, French
Ann newfy 2198829 PAGE I breed Newfoundland dogs and I'm a Highlander nut. English
Randall KhensU 3012898 PAGE Damn good show. English
DragonMaster DragonMaster 30235785PAGE I really like the3 movies and series, and enjoy playing the card game. English
I.A. River 6675804PAGE The 4 Horsemen Rule! English
CC CC 1712309 PAGE I'm a big Highlander fan and have been watching from the very start. English, German
Edward diesel 21048117PAGE highlander is awesome English
"Galadriel" Tiggerella 4760334 PAGE Loves the entire concept of Immortals....and finds the actors chosen to portray them most appealing. English
esther ezzie 32759481PAGE None English, Dutch
fa ma fat 33647154PAGE None English, Turkish
Ahmad AlFarisi 21045974PAGE I wanna be a fan. English
Matt Kronos 10042844 PAGE None English, German
Connie MommySplat 3233696 PAGE None English
Bill Spider 10743143PAGE i like all the immortals but especially methos and amanda and of course duncan MacLeod but the watchers are cool also. English
Adam Methos 2802109 PAGE The Head Collector English
John Johnny 34644596PAGE None English
Francene Frankie 15166483 PAGE Love everything Highlander Connor & Duncan! English
Franco Karatekid 5790607PAGE Motorcycles....and highlander women ;-))) Italian, English
Linda dixie darling 40548015PAGE None English
James Dark Dragon 11822405 PAGE THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! English
Jeff Qwikblade12006637PAGE The original Highlander TV show rules! (Raven sucks!) :P English
Melanie Menou 2543720 PAGE A huge Highlander Fan English, French
Joannine Jo 3375848 PAGE Enjoys gothic, medieval, and related time periods. English, French, some Spanish
Troy TORG 3955994 PAGE Collects katanas and loves Highlander English
Grezel pf25713022 PAGE None English and Dutch
B. Basaxl 2673195 PAGE Peter Wingfield Fan English
michael saintm20558142PAGE None English
Daived Daived 28474446PAGE age :19
faculity:Faculity of enginering
favourits: music , computers , travel
Jacob Hack-n-Crack 8820210PAGE Big fan of HL, both show and movie(There should have been only one). English, a little Spanish
Brian Shabby Blue 9922675PAGE Creator of the Immortals List and Connor MacLeod's Multi-Universal Timeline! You may have heard of me. English
Judi Bird 8282881PAGE Highlander is about my favorite thing in the world except for Star Wars and Kindred the Embraced. English
Jennifer serenity 45258912PAGE I love to read fanfiction about the character Richie Ryan. If you find any send it my way! English
Heather Little Miss 869063 PAGE I'm a HUGE HL fan, and I've even started writing my own FanFic for the show! English
Charles Duncan MacLeod 9744860 PAGE None English
HILDA NANNA 52573344PAGE I am a great fan of Adrian Paul if you have any snaps or latest info please ICQ me. There can be only one English
Brandi Mysty Jade 9147725 PAGE I love Highlander the Series. I went to the convention on Apr. 10th thru the 12th. It was great. If you want to know more about it page me. English
Lawrence Lawrence 3537218 PAGE "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." Grouch Marx English
HITESH DREAM 24829169PAGE None English
Hobbes Gippie 33211276PAGE None English
Flemming Janeway's Slayer 40223202PAGE Highlander is such a cool series of films and TV English
Phil Phil 37544377PAGE I have been addicted to Highlander for three years, currently only watching Srs 3. Richie is the Best Immortal, but Methos is a close second. English, French, German and Spanish
Jennifer Ldy_Vader 2223145 PAGE None English
Jeff Dragon_Master 1975864 PAGE Don't Lose Your Head!!! English
Carol Silky 2212610 PAGE None English
Daniela - 18186677PAGE None English
Kristina Rouge 2932069 PAGE There can be only one. Total Mercedes Lackey fan. Don't knock it till you try it. English
Mark The Highlander 7154604PAGE I am a big fan of the films , would love to chat about them and many other subjects and Hyland is my real name! English
Idonttrustyou Underpant Gnome 43597852PAGE Ummm, highlander rocks. English
James Mr. Green 16119350 PAGE There can be only one...and that only one, is ME. Big fan of any movie that people think of as twisted. i.e., Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, blah blah blah. English, enough spanish to ask 4 a beer.
Jari Danish Viking 10721623 PAGE I love the Highlander movie and think that it's one of the best movies ever made..... English, German, Danish
Jay _| /\ 12039856PAGE Love the movies, love the series, Raven is just...weird. Looking for Highlander catalog if anyone knows where to find it. English
jayesh jay 6846282PAGE None English
jen jen 20417373PAGE I love the movies and the original series (not thrilled w/raven). parle fran. en petite peu!
jim zed 22996278PAGE They made a 2nd movie? English
Jeff Kronos 1328654PAGE HUGE series fan! If you page me, mention Highlander or lose your head! English
Jeff Xavier@WindyCity 6704420PAGE Love Highlander series and Movie, there was no Highlander 2; and 3...was "different". Like most kinds of music, reading and ...the rest you'll have to ask me about:<) English
Jennifer Jenn26 33352424PAGE None English
Sam Flash Gordon 4275726 PAGE ! English
Master Yeap Eu Juan Master_juan 29089081PAGE Hi, my name Is Master Yeap Eu Juan , I am 14 this year 1999 , I am from Malaysia , my email is Pls chat with me. English
Juliette Juliette 15319249PAGE :-) English, French
Kara Kara 15887558PAGE HUGE Highlander Fan. There's nothing left to say. English
Karen Kindred spirit 2046927 PAGE None English
karicline brat 41771576PAGE i love highlander,duncan is cool.i had been a fan for years. i even have a catalog. lol English
bashitha Bashi 22091688PAGE Don't hesitata to chat with me cos I am a cool guy English
Kathi Tessa 2931600 PAGE Proud Member of the Clan MacSpam. The Clan That Can be only one! English
Kelley Winterhart 2809102 PAGE None English
kelly kjdcrow 15847839PAGE Huge fan of movies and series, Adrian Paul is the best. English
PAUL lexx 38821519PAGE loved the films especially first queen music superb English
Aliena Ali 3592100 PAGE ICQ ME! English
Kuni Justvr 2424682 PAGE Highlander Movies and Series..... English
Kyle K.I.T.T 29018201PAGE Loved the original Highlander, thought 2 was pretty lame (the director's cut rocked) and thought 3 was ok. T.V show started well too... English
"L" Ceirdwyn 14710313PAGE I am an obssessee of Highlander the show and its star Adrian Paul.... English
Tristan (\/)ethos 1215094 PAGE Also a sci-fi/fantasy book fan English
Erica Lee Nina Everlif 6133105 PAGE Hi!!! ;.) English
Leonardo Leo 26843215PAGE None English, Portuguese, a little Spanish..
Jason Macleod 2542615 PAGE A huge Highlander fan English, French
Lisa Lisabai 2414379 PAGE Favorite episdoes are Duende and Armageddon English
Lo Arosozah 34956503PAGE None English
lord keldar keldar 2552233PAGE hello there .... English, Irish, German, French
Lynn Highla Lynn 16977024 PAGE I love Highlander the series and Adrian Paul!!! I also like "joe", "methos" etc but "Duncan MacLeod" is my favorite! English
Lynn Lynn 2078923PAGE I'm a new fan of the series and I just love it! English
Connor MacLeod ot Clan MacLeod Bigfan 4085457PAGE BLAH! HIGHLANDER KICKS @$$! English
TartanmaxTroll MacLeod maxie 1735807PAGE Love to chat with any HL fanatics....about HL or anything else..... English, barely
Julio James Bond 8800708PAGE I just saw HL for the 25@ time English , Portuguese and a little Spanish
Maev AuntieEntity 6547768PAGE There's nothing a good cup of coffee and 3 feet of sharp steel can't fix. English
Mari DunkieJunkie 6643077PAGE I've been a Highlander fan since season 1, I'm a member of the Adrian Paul fan club and loved the convention in Anaheim in April 98'. It was a blast meeting everyone but "Methos". Adrian is the most sweetest man to walk the face of this earth! Not to mention he is a nice piece of eye candy! I love talking with other Highlander fans! English
Maria Caressa 15503190PAGE Have enjoyed highlander movies&series, will miss old format, not too happy with Raven from what I have seen, too bad. I liked it better with different immortals starring, Must get my highlander parking sign:)!! English, some German
Maria wEeT MyStErY*58* 3566781PAGE Likes Highlander: The Series a LOT! Likes the old episodes with Tessa and likes Methos and Richie and Duncan. English, Ilocano(filipino), an lil French
Marie Marie 19232276PAGE I'm watching the series for the first time, really enjoying it! English
Mark Edo 1639736PAGE What a show!!! English
MATEO SUPERTEO 23119204PAGE None English
M. Mouser 2673195 PAGE Anne MacCaffery Fan English
Kathleen Priestess_kriket 1440206 PAGE I have loved Highlander since the first movie. I am in morning that the show has gone off the air, but I am anxiosly awaiting the next movie. English
Keith Warlord Drakken 5690157 PAGE I absolutely love Highlander. English
Jo hawks 37559610PAGE I like the Highlander movies and series and am interested in chatting with others about it. English
Sarah Sarah 1218144PAGE None English
Macaruin McTrollwench Mac 3304833PAGE I love all things Highlander, but I'm especially fond of DM/AP. English
beth bomber 21975658PAGE I love the Highlander, ska, and swing. Complete all this with a cold beer and I will be a VERY happy lady. English
Melissa Mel 5018541PAGE I just LOVE Methos. English
Melissa Tulane 13559736 PAGE None English
Michael MJVChicago 36956622PAGE Honor, justice and duty ... only the bravest can admit they hold to these truths in today's world. Find the way to them through any means. For me, martial arts, eastern thought and a positive outlook are just my way of beginning. English
Michelle ScottishBabe 2771895PAGE I think Adrian Paul is a total BABE!! English
Michelle Whitetiger 14478642PAGE None English
Alex Sasha 3560014PAGE W/M 27yrs. M.A. Toronto Ontario Canada major Movie buff English, Russian
mk mk 42633458PAGE Especially Christopher Lambert. English, Japanese
Elspeth Hildebryn 21414102PAGE Love to talk about Immies, K'immies, all things HL, as well as other sci-fi/ fantasy shows. English
Freddy Methos 18218149PAGE I Love the Highlander Series, I have been a fan since the movies were out and I was about 8 years old!!!!! I live in South America, I love to chat, so contact me. English, Spanish
Peter Kitesrme 3705564PAGE I have all the highlander movies and hope to have all of the tv series too feel free to add me to your icq list and chat. English
Myriam den 6956166PAGE None French, English
Narad إפ 33313617PAGE Great.... English
Michael Lord MacLeod Mage 6690799PAGE I have always loved Highlander, It really turned me on to the actual clan MacLeod. English
Nichole Nicky 9434755PAGE I feel lost if I don't get to see Highlander. Its like a soap opera to me..Adrian Paul is has it all!!! English
Nick nyyk 3161080 PAGE None English
deon highlander 24450671PAGE big highlander fan English, Afrikaans
nicolai azalin 18616930PAGE i love the first movie of highlander English
Norma midnite 19391053PAGE None English
Karen K-2 9251418PAGE None English, German
virfeu Methos 6909681PAGE None Francais & English
Christopher Obmulap 1472812 PAGE None English
Pam Pookkah 9764517PAGE I love Highlander and Adrian Paul is my favorite on the show. English
peter pedro 26737389PAGE None Dutch, English
pegazus pegazus 19287125PAGE None English
Ruthanne Straypup 1303046 PAGE None English, Spanish, ASL
Peter Letalc 7654140PAGE Highlander, swords - what more can I say! Love IT! English, Slovenian
Linda Linda 5799164 PAGE A.P. fan English
phan Gythnia 10792362 PAGE None English
Johanna Orca 9968417 PAGE None English, Spanish, German, a little Italian
Dominique Dominique Raraavis 1828652PAGE None English
Rebecca Beast 53179296PAGE I reckon Highlander is the best. I love Methos/Peter and Duncan/Adrian. English
Rowan rowan_r 14337443PAGE None English
pattie hermit 14281264PAGE None English
Robin arista 19933237PAGE Highlander is my bag, baby!!! English
Chayne Zachary 5583460PAGE Highlander is the best movie and tv series I've ever seen. English
ronie ronie 30556118PAGE i love the highliander.. the guy's gorgeous!!!! English
Rukawa stealer 37891479PAGE I am immortal Rules!!!!!!!!!!!! A great fan of highlander and starwars English
Joe jack 47064287PAGE if we keep learning from our past that means nothing really changes for the good. English
Heather Camelot14 36746668PAGE None English
Sam icegurl 45122693PAGE None English
Duez Sam 17173774PAGE Highlander is the best serie I've ever seen. English and French
Sana Sana 11562644PAGE Total HL fan and would like to talk with all interested about the series. English
Sean Sean 2318635PAGE None English
Rob Rob 2283932 PAGE ListMaster English
Shelley Kas 5139457 PAGE In the end, there can be only one. But till then let's PARTY! English
Tony shobes 11188463PAGE Just love the show English (very little Italian)
Domnu Domino 21383689PAGE From the dawn of time we came............ English
Dennis Loki 6847806PAGE I love the Higlander movies and series. English
Steve gypsey 58324358PAGE I enjoy the tv series, but the movies really got me hooked. this new one with the women, seem pretty good. English
Myriam Rhiannon 14662070PAGE Fan of HL-The Series, especially Methos Fan(atic) German, English
T-bird Pepto-B 28917224PAGE None English
Lews'Therin living 5239223PAGE There can be only ONE!!!!!!!!!!! English but would like to learn others..
Tessa chameleon 1567400 PAGE None English
Khalidah TheImmortal Khalidah 844938 PAGE None English
Thomas Cyrano 9942049 PAGE Maybe if you ask nice... English
Thomas GreatChef 22705192PAGE None English
Tiffany Punneek 34122083PAGE Good show, excellent storyline!! English
Laurie Alex 8121991PAGE Female, of Highlander since the beginning. English
Tonya Sarabi 10602931PAGE None English
Troy Highlander 8452304PAGE Highlander rules! great show! English
Gavin Tailspin 36864609PAGE I Love Highlander the Movie and well i could watch the movie's over and over again. English
Waldo ?PyRoGoD? 10066929 PAGE 1 of the best T.V shows ever made English
Abby Abby 16004658 PAGE None English
Morten Invisigoth 19836314PAGE The Kurgan rules... Danish, English, German
Toni KatlinMac 13722584 PAGE New chat room for Highlander fans. ICQ chat room Want to live Forever English
Wendy Apples 10533784 PAGE Love Adrian Paul and collecting things... Also have other interests TAFKAp and Xfiles... English
Wendy - 43859316 PAGE Huge fan of Highlander the Series, esp. season 1-3. Movies peaked my interest originally, but after seeing the series the movies just don't make the same grade. English
Bob Bob 9460084 PAGE None English
Anita Dreamfish 2896874 PAGE Love to read..and do some cross-stitching...and walking on the beach. English
David HAM 34571527 PAGE I like the TV series the best, but I saw the `1st Highlander movie, staring Christopher Lambert, and Sean Conery. I enjoyed that movie to. English
Larry Teddyrick 14531513 PAGE Where has Highlander gone? English
windrock windrock 6877708 PAGE I like highlander and other scot movies (i.e. Braveheart) English
jimmy gumpy 14943258 PAGE Love Highlander movies and show. English
Tim Darth Maul 39813813 PAGE Highlander is my favorite topic to talk about so if you would like to chat, please feel free to look me up. (I do play the card game) English
Michelle gawdlygrrl 5777053 PAGE Loves the show, the first movie, is in denial about the existence of the rest of the movies... English
Jodie Jod 47957798 PAGE Love the series and the movies..... English
Mandy Mandy 8578248 PAGE Only slightly obsessive. English
Zach Xavier St.Cloud 9294638 PAGE Love Highlander. Movie and show. Study 4 diffrent types of martial arts. Kendo being one of them. I love Xavier St. Cloud, he was my fav evil immortal. English
&Highlander Fantasy Professor 24516006 PAGE Everyone that has icq and is a Highlander or RPG Fantasy fan and is reading this: ADD THIS #, NOW!!! To recieve auth. say the words........... English
- gita 29652955PAGE None English
- Izzy 32798374PAGE None English, Dutch
- jaznz 45528832PAGE I too loved the Highlander movies. If only it was real I would love to live forever at the age I am now but I'm not too happy about having to kill all contenders for my head. And I would need an amazing teacher of sword play to teach me how to keep my head. English
- lostbandit 38344086PAGE None English
- Macsassy 6950175PAGE None English
- Rasta 19819414 PAGE None English
- Sneaker 31631626PAGE I have the 3 Highlander movies with Christopher Lambert and I don't miss an episdode of the TV series with Adrian Paul!! English, Portuguese
- sloth 32117441 PAGE Really like the first movie and the TV show. Also into The Crow, movie and series, Star Wars, and Babylon 5. English
- Tinkle 38922960 PAGE None Russian, English, French
- Titch 41679981 PAGE Hi I'm a major Highlander fan and would like to meet like minded people, allcomers welcome. English
- Wanderer 15183260 PAGE None English

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