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Each Kata or form, in each martial art is composed of basic moves(blocks, kicks, punches, stances). But, they are also contain hidden or secret that are imbebbed in the kata. To descover these secrets you must look, and spent time at the kata. Trying to understand the kata, and then you will unlock some of the imbedded secrets. You may hear of stories, were a master of the martial arts defends himself against a band of armed assaliants. Which the story might add that this master knew only one kata. This is because he spent the time to take apart the kata and analyze each move in that kata. Below there is a kenpo kata that is listed in great detail, this kata will be changed on a monthly basis.

Short Two

1 - Bow, and go into a horse stance.

2 - Step forward to 12:00 into a fightihg stance, as you do a right inward block. Sweep the inward block downward to your left side of your waist. Then do a right chop forward(to 12:00).

*This is a representation of the basic technique "Double Blades". The differance between the two can be found when the block travels to your waist. This is symbolic of an attack that is almost completed the distance to it's target. So. instead of blocking it with force you redirect it.

3 - Step to 12:00 with your left foot, into a fighting stance. As you do a left inward block, bringing it down to the right side of your waist. Then do a left chop forward(to12:00)

*See #2 explanation.

4 -

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