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"Disston Karate Club"

Disston Karate Club is a part time martial arts studio, that was formed from a formerly student at American Karate Studios-the Cottman Ave. division. This school was founded on the fondation of "Knowledge of the Mind, Honesty of the Heart, and Strength in the Body".

We at Disston Karate Club are dedicated to teaching the Martial arts. We are the least expensive martial arts dojo in all of Philadelphia. To add it off we never ask for a signiture on a contact, or an up front payment. Intern this is a come and pay as you go program.

The Club and Instructors Before joining the club you can first sit down and watch the classes as they are being run then, or you can jump-in and try the class out(which a trial class is completely free). Then after that you decided to join there is a 35 dollar fee that is asked for, after that you never pay any other enterance fee. The fee incluedes a karate uniform and belt that is sized for each of the people that are joining.

Each class is usually 45 minutes to 1 hour, at a meire cost of 4 dollars a class. And each class is run by a trained instructor of the art. In these classes we attempt to help the students learn and prepare for their test for promotion to a higher rank. The class is usually formed around the needs of the students, so that they reach there potential.

The instuctor are vowed to help each student reach their potential, and work to their fullest ability. At the club we have five black belt instructors, and numerous assistance, that are there to assist anyone who wishes to learn. The instuctors are well versed in the art and have studied this art from 5 years to 15 years. Also, they are vaguely versed in other matial arts, which asist them even further in their studies and teachings.

***If there are Any questions on Disston Karate Club, Please E-mail me, And please address it to Sensei.

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