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Laura's P-P-Piglet P-P-Page

This page is dedicated to Laura's favorite Pooh Character. The One, The Only, Piglet! He is cute, little, loveabable, precious, but most of all. He's P-P-P PINK! What more could you possibly ask for in a man??? What makes Piglet so special.? There has to be something about him to make Laura love him so much. You see I (Chris) am a Tigger fan. Born one and will always be one. There is no question about that. If Laura loves Piglet though then I really must have missed something. Maybe Piglet is really braver then he thinks. So when you kids grow up take Laura's advice and be brave. Don't be afraid to say what you feel. You are who you are. And we strive to be just like our rolemodels. Laura Flynn IS a rolemodel and I want to be just like her. Don't you????

(we know taht this page is VERY corny)

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