Laura went to England this Summer!
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Laura went to England this Summer!

Well this Summer Laura went to England from the 30th of July to the 10th of August She said it was alright but she would not want to live there. The food was horrible! She did meet Coolio though. She went to England for soccer. She was team USA They won four games and tied one. Great job Laura! We are always proud of ya cuz we love you. What makes you sooo special??? Hmmm. I just don't know. I guess it's every little thing you do. It's all easy. All you have to be is the same Laura we love.

What makes training fun??

Knowing that you are achieving your
goals. You always have the chance to
push your limits in practice.
Lauren C.
age 14, Berkeley, Michigan

Knowing that with each pass, with each
run, and with each step that is taken on
that field, you are one step closer to the
team that beat you last year.
Matthew G.
age 19, DePere, Wisconsin

Knowing that once you are done you can
be proud of yourself for not giving up is
what makes training fun.
Greg R.
age 15, St. Paul, Minnesota

Training is fun when you know, without
anyone telling you, that you have
improved from all the practice.
Nicolette F.
age 14, Georgetown, Guyana

What makes training fun is being with
your friends and going for your goals,
knowing that you are improving at
something you love.
Annie P.
age 14, Berkeley, Michigan

The competition involved in practices.
Sometimes, training is more competitive
than the match itself.
Tong Eng K.
age 18, Ontario, Canada

Training is fun when the coach says you
are in the first 11 for the next match.
Lee Kuan Y.
age 15, Singapore

When you know all the hours of training
have paid off in victory.
Bob N.
age 16, Burton, Michigan

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