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Matthew & Christopher Day

Submitted by Mrs. James H. Stokes (Betty)

Any Feedback on this line is welcome!


1.  Christopher Day was born in 1682 in Plumstead, Bucks, PA.  He died on 
6 Mar 1748 in Plumstead, Bucks, PA.

He was married to Martha.  Martha was born in 1686 in Plumstead, 
Bucks, PA.  Christopher Day and Martha had the following children:

	2	i.	Abigail Day was born in 1708 in Plumstead, Bucks, PA.
	3	ii.	Joseph Day was born in 1714 in Plumstead, Bucks, PA.
	4	iii.	Nathaniel Day was born in 1716 in Plumstead, Bucks, PA.
	5	iv.	Ursula Day was born in 1720.
	+6	v.	Matthew Day.
	7	vi.	Christopher Day was born in 1723 in Plumstead, Bucks, PA.


6.  Matthew Day was born in 1721 in PA.

He was married to Ann.  Ann was born in 1727 in PA.  Matthew Day 
and Ann had the following children:

	+8	i.	Asa Day.
	9	ii.	Mark Day was born on 24 Nov 1752 in PA.
	+10	iii.	John Day.
	11	iv.	Isaac Day was born on 17 Jun 1757 in Plumstead, 
                        Bucks Co., PA.  
                        He died on 21 Jan 1834.
	12	v.	Matthew Day was born on 18 Dec 1761 in Plumstead, 
                        Bucks Co., PA.


8.  Asa Day was born in 1749 in PA.

He was married.  Asa Day had the following children:

	+13	i.	Mark E. Day.
	14	ii.	Asa Day Jr. was born in 1781 in PA.
	15	iii.	William Day was born in 1783.

10.  John Day was born on 29 Jan 1755 in PA.  Clermont Co., OH, 
Revolutionary Veterans: Vol. I, p. 128
John Day served in the Maryland troops for three years in Washington's 
main army. He was born near Baltimore on January 29, 1755, and married 
August 1, 1776, Abigail Poe, born 1760, an own cousin of the celebrated 
Poe, Indian fighter, so famous a century ago in scrapping with the savages. 
Mr. Day moved to Franklin Township in 1802 and settled on the farm that 
has been in the family a century. He died in 1817, and his wife, Abigail, 
lived to be 85 years, dying on the old home farm April 22, 1845. 
Their youngest child was Joseph B. Day, born June 25, 1800, was married 
to Deborah Lambert, born on February 12, 1800, whose father, Joshua Lambert, 
had been a fighter in the British army in the Revolution, was born in 
England in 1743, and settled in 1798-99 in Williamsburg, this county. 
Joseph B.'s children were: Anna L., married to W.H.H. Browning; Mary, 
to Dr. David Wood, father of ex-County Recorder M.A. Wood; Joshua L.; 
Abigail, married to William Poe; Jesse; Martha married to Henry B. Shinkle; 
Dr. Isaac H. Day, a famous physician of Point Isabel; Lucretia married to 
Samuel Salisbury; Malissa, married to