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Hi and Welcome to Cas's SportsCards. My name is Eric Castor (eBay Username- 15mvpedroia),   (The Bench Username- MVPedroia),   (Sports Card Forum Username- MVPedroia) and I created this site because I enjoy the Sports Card collecting hobby. This site contains pages of cards and sets that I am selling and trading. Being a collector myself, I have also included a page that deals with the cards that I am looking for to complete sets. Whether you are just starting out in the hobby, or have been collecting for years, this site will be sure to please you. I would love to hear your ideas for improving this site. I hope you find what you're looking for and Happy Collecting!!!

2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition
#262 (RC) Autograph

2004 Just Rookies Autographs

2004 Justifiable Autographs

2005 Topps Turkey Red
Autographs Black #TRA-DP

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