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The Earth Alliance Starships

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Earth Alliance Omega Class Destroyer
Earth Alliance Warlock Class Destoyer
Earth Alliance Roosevelt Class Heavy Cruiser
Earth Alliance Nova Class Dreadnought
Olympia Class Corvette Cruiser

Welcome to my homepage representing the history of the Earth Alliance Starships. These Range from the old Nova class
Dreadnought to the new Warlock Class Destroyers.

The Omega Class Destroyer

The Omega Class Destroyer is one of the first starships to have ever come off the assembly line after the Earth/Minbari war. Its also considered to be the largest and the most powerful ship in Earthforce. Its job was part military patrol and part diplomatic mission. The first ship to come off the assembly line is the Agamemnon commanded my Captain John J. Sheridan before his assignment on Babylon 5. Ominous rumors proceeded by President Morgan Clark to send a flotilla of 3 destroyers and 2 heavy cruisers with dispatched orders to seize control of Babylon 5, but met with heavy resistance from Babylon 5 and from renegade destroyers Alexander and Churchill. Casualties were heavy but Sheridan and the other Destroyer Commanders managed to hold back the first wave even though the Churchill under the command of Captain Sandra Hiroshi didn't survive. With heavy damage sustained on Babylon 5 and the remaining destroyer Alexander, Captain Sheridan and Major Ed Ryan wanted to surrender to the second wave of destroyers and cruiser coming through the jumpgate when 4 new jumppoints formed on top of Babylon 5, but they were 3 Minbari Warcruisers and the White Star and the second wave of destroyers and cruisers were no match for the incoming Minbari flotilla so they withdrew from Babylon 5 space. Also in the last days of the Earth Civil War, a multiinterstellar fleet consisting of up to 30 Earthforce destroyers followed by whatever ships came from the minbari, centauri, narn and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds came upon Earth when they encounter with up to 60 Earthforce Destroyers commanded by General Lefcourt and loyal to Clark in orbit at Mars and manage to slip through the Destroyers causing minimal damage by slipping in shadow wetware humans in the cpu of those 60 destroyers and came upon Earth's defense platforms in which the Agamemnon was almost destroyed when ramming the last defense platform when the Apollo fired on the last defense platform cause a huge explosion in which the Agamemmnon went through that explosion. The Omega Class Destroyers are still the primary vessels of Earthforce.

CLASS: Omega ORIGIN: Earth Alliance DIMENSIONS (length, beam, height; meters): 1300 x 500 x 500 MAIN MACHINERY: 4 Tokamak 700 fusion reators, 200 exawatts; 4 Beigle-Bryant 9000A Particle Thrust Rockets MAX DELTA-V: 5.8 G COMPLIMENT: 400 BEAM WEAPONS: 16 Medium Particle Beams COUNTERMEASURES: Interceptors: 6 Mk III; Decoys: 2 launchers for inflatable ballutes and maneuverable drones; ECM: DXE-135 active jammer system SENSORS: Search/navigation/fire control: DX-420 advanced tracking system; Telescopes: 2 optical and 2 infrared of 12 m diamter; ESM: 1 60 m and 1 20 m planar radio telescop arrays for passive monitoring of the electromagnetic spectrum FIGHTERS: 36 SE-42B Advanced Thunderbolt aerospace superiority.

Ships of this type. *indicating ships destroyed

  1. Agamemnon
  2. Alexander
  3. Apollo
  4. Nimrod
  5. Juno
  6. Churchill*
  7. Charon
  8. Cerberus*
  9. Heracles
  10. Excalibur*
  11. Hermes
  12. Pollux*
  13. Agrippa*
  14. Roanoke*
  15. Furies
  16. Vesta
  17. Nemesis
  18. Constitution
  19. Medusa
  20. Anubis
  21. Yorktown
  22. Excelsius
  23. Independence

The Omega-X advanced destroyer is the most advanced ship in all of Earth Alliance.The hull is composed primarily of shadow technology which includes a semi organic armor. Its firepower is 5 times the Omega class destroyer withenough firepower to destroy a White Star with one burst.
At the time, there were 30 destroyers and their crews were loyal to the new order. All 30 were destroyed when the white stars maneuverability and agile attack blew them out of the sky. The lead white star was destroyed and her C.O. Commander Susan Ivanova was mortally injured and she survived when Marcus Cole gave his life for her.

Few ships out of the 30

  • Enigma
  • Archanon
  • Iron Duke
  • Lion
  • Enterprise
  • The Hyperion Class Heavy Cruiser is one of the Oldest Earth Alliance Starships that are still in service. This ship is 850 meters long. Her primary function is to attack. The ship has no rotating section and no artificial gravity so the crew operates in virtually zero gravity enviroment. 2 of these ships played a role in the disasterous first contact with the Minbari were EAS Prometheus and EAS Amundsen open fired due to a misunderstanding on the lead Minbari cruiser due to a misunderstanding that ignited a 3 year war between the humans and the minbari. Nearly all of these ships were destroyed in the war. One ship played a vital role in the only victory for earthforce. the EAS Lexington chanced upon the Minbari's Dralofi or the Black Star in a ultimate battle in the asteroid field. The Lexington badly damaged and her C.O Captain Harris Sterns dead, and Lt. Commander John Sheridan in command managed to destroy the Minbari ship by mining the asteroid field in the home Solar System. These types of starships carries 6 plasma cannons and 6 missiles with 5 megaton warheads. After the war, these heavy cruiser were outfitted with Laser gun batteries bought from the Narn She also has 6 star fury fighters in the mid-section of the ship which now carries 6 heavily armored Star fury fighters. She is also the smallest Earth Alliance warship to make her jump point and carries a compliment of 350 officers and crew.
    The Nova Class Dreadnought is the second oldest starships in Earthforce, much closer to Hyperion Class Heavy Cruisers and they were also predecessors to the Omega class Destroyers because of cost overruns. With the exception of the rotation collar, the Nova Class Dreadnought operates in a Zero Gravity enviroment. These ships were in service during the Dilgar war of 2234-2238 and again in the Minbari war of 2245-2248. The Earth Alliance Dreadnought EAS Eisenhower was the only ship of this class to be at the disasterous first contact rendezvous with the Minbari which ignited the 3 year war in which nearly all of these ships were destroyed due to lack of protection, firepower and maneuverability. After the war, these dreadnoughts are primarily used for amphibious assaults and border patrols.
    classification : Dreadnought Assault ship length : 1456 meters tonnage : 32 million metric tons maneuverability : class D crew : 250 troops : 10000 fighter(s) : 36 SA-23E Starfuries power source : 4 Tokamak Corp. 620 Fusion Reactors duration : 18 months before re-fueling defenses : 8 to 10 meter re-enforced armor 22 Mk. I Defense Grid Energy Projectors weapons : 22 Twin Plasma Cannons 6 Particle Beam Guns Fusion missiles [2 launchers] known Nova-Class-Drednoughts : Ares, Ark Royal, Athena, Atreus, Australia, Caesar, Colossus, Daedalus, Hades, Harpies, Hecate, Lepanto, Maenads, Nereus, Nova, Pandora, Pegasus, Schwartzkopf, Sibyl, Sophocles, Styx, Sun Tsu, Thanatos, Titan, Trtion, Victory, Zalmoxis white color listings : Nova Dreadnought MK1
    After the Earth Civil War in December of 2261 and that Earth joined the Interstellar Alliance, Earthforce came into production of the new byproduct of Warlock Class Starships. These ships are the first type of starships that have a byproduct of the minbari gravitetic drive systems that does enhance her maneuverability and speed. By January of 2262 4 of these ships came off the production line for Earthforce. The Warlock, Necromancer, Enchantress, and Foxfire these ships have the new weapons based on the philosophy of the Omega-x destroyers, plus reinforced Earth armor after the Drakh destroyed the Shadow technology.