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  Unlike many who elope before the wedding Bob and Holly were unable to optain a marriage license until after the wedding, so instead of losing all the money they had invested in their wedding they had a mock wedding for family and friends.  Above on the Left is a picture taken outside after the mock wedding on July 21, 1990.  On Aug. 24, 1990 Bob & Holly were married by the JP.  Charles, then 4 year old, was both best man and gave the bride away.
  Not having had a Church wedding Bob ask Holly for her hand once again in Dec. 1996.  March 15, 1997 they were remarried in the Church.  Pictured above on the right is a picture of Jim the best man Bob and Holly after the wedding on March 15, 1997.

Talk about romantic.  Bob and Holly said thier wedding vows a total of three times.  Asked if they would do it again, they both responded,  "Only to each other!"

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