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The Word of God:


I have decided to follow (the choice of) Jesus.
Though none go with me, still I will follow.
No turning back. No turning back.

Does your good news "soundeth" silly? God's news doesn't either! If someone disagrees with me, I might lose. But, you'll have a much harder time trying to defeat the Living Word. The KJV is merely a translation from dead men of the word of the living God.

"In the eyes of many, religion has lost its relevance and is little more than a quaint relic from another time." Billy Graham ©Christianity Today, p. 27-28, December 8, 1997.(This quote was not intended to be used on this webpage, but I find it to be very appropriate.)

It takes very, very little wisdom to realize that it is no longer 1611.
For God's glory, Christians need to be a witness with our Lord's ever-present style(Before Abraham was, I AM), and forget praising God/witnessing with mankind's ever-aging style(Consistently speaketh thou like this for several months/years and you will realize how foolish this bad habit is).

Jesus MUST be personal.
Now if there were 50 alive who regularly spoke KJV words, KJV words might not be foolish for today. Okay, 5 less than 50. 5 less... We have too many lost friends/enemies to reach for Jesus TODAY! From death he did rise and will come again. Move on with him now to be ready for then.

AboutMe: A progressive, conservative Christian.

IllogicalExcuses: These and any excuses can be defended against. However if you can defend any IllogicalExcuse of your choice, I may be wrong and splitting hairs.

TheChoiceIsYours: The ever-present Word of God or the ever-aging words of mankind

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Will you join me?

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Evidence for God from Science
Evidence for God from Science

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