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Rainbow staff are happy that you are considering adoption and would love an opportunity to work with you in achieving this goal. We service families interested in domestic, private, or international adoptions. However, we specialize in the placement of children with special needs. Supportive and financial services are provided for many of these placements.

Most of our available children are classified as having special needs and follow under one or more of the following categories:

  • children 0-18 years old who have been abused, neglected or abandoned.
  • children that have physical, intellectual and/or behavioral problems.
  • children who are members of sibling groups (allowing the children to stay together).
  • children of minority races, especially Asian, Hispanic, Black and bi-racial, and Native American (the greatest need is for minority families for this group of children.)



Rainbow serves three groups of people:
  • Native American Families
  • Families residing in Western PA of any race, sex, religion or income level, and
  • Birth mothers who are considering the plan of adoption for their infant or child.
It is Rainbow's goal to work with families and not against them.

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Rainbow provides adoption related services to families and children. Our staff completes the home-study, searches, and post-placement services. We can arrange for parenting training, support groups, and often financial, medical and social services for the child.
Rainbow offers counseling services to birth mothers. We allow and encourage active participation from the birth mothers in choosing an adoptive family for her infant.


toys The first step in the adoption process is the completion of a homestudy. During the homestudy, a social worker with special training in adoption will conduct family preparation sessions. The family preparation sessions will give the social worker a clear understanding of the prospective adoptive family's reasons for adoption and their expectations about parenting.

These sessions will include the following topics:
  • the types of children awaiting adoptive homes
  • parenting the adopted child
  • behaviors and handicaps
  • bonding and attachment
  • separation, loss and grief
  • the adoption triad
  • parenting the sexually/physically abused child
Personal references and physicians will be contacted and a criminal and child abuse background check must be complete. Once all paper work is received, there will be a visit to the family's home.


When you have successfully completed the homestudy, you will be eligible for the placement of a child in your home for the purpose of adoption. Given the factors of the adoptive family's preference and the availability of children, we canot tell you how long it will take for you to receive a chile. In most circumstance, however, families adopting special needs children usually have a brief wait.

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After a child is placed with you, the agency will schedule a minimum of three (3) post-placement visits to assist and evaluate your transition to adoptive parenting. These visits occur over a six-month period, and at their positive conclusion, this agency will give its consent to legal finalization of the adoption of your child. Adoptive parents retain independent counsel to complete this process.

Thank you for your interest in Rainbow Adoptions. Please let us know if we can provide any additional information by contacting our agency at (412)782-4457. One of our goals is to reduce the number of children who wait for permanent homes. We hope that you choose to work with Rainbow Adoption Services to build your family.

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