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Police Trading Cards

The Chester Hill Borough Police Department trading card program began in 1998 and was made possible by a donation received from Certified Builders Wholesale Inc. Chief McGowan, (1998 card below), feels the cards are a good icebreaker with the children as his uniform and size sometimes intimidate them.

Certified Builders Wholesale Inc. saw the program as a great opportunity to increase community awareness and security for the long term according to spokesperson John Showers.

Certified Builders Wholesale Inc. again supported the program in 1999 and sponsored the Moshannon Valley C.O.P.S. (short for Community Outreach, Programs and Services) card.

Chief McGowan's 1999 card (above) received generous sponsorship from Baxter Built who have been a strong supporter of community programs in Chester Hill.

See Chief McGowan to get the newest card.

Certified Builders Wholesale Inc.
1212 Walton Street
Philipsburg PA 16866

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Updated 02-10-00