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Dial 911 For Emergency

When you dial 911, your call is directed to one of the emergency lines at the Clearfield County Emergency Communications Center. There it is handled by one of the trained Public Service Telecommunicators (PST). These individuals are trained to be calm in the event of an emergency and to obtain the necessary information to route your call to the proper emergency personnel. Always try to remain calm and relay the correct information in order to assist the telecommunicators in obtaining the necessary information. You should stay on the line until the PST advises you it is O.K. to hang up.

It is a good idea to keep a paper or a 3 X 5 card near your telephone(s) with your address, directions to your house, telephone number, and personal information for each member of your household written down. In the event of an emergency, sometimes the answer to even these simple question can escape you for a moment.

Remember, 911 is an emergency line and should not be used for non-emergency purposes. However if you are unsure, it is better to dial 911 and let the telecommunicators determine whether it is an emergency or not. An emergency can be anything that requires immediate response to protect persons or property.

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Updated 02-10-00