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Welcome to the Brown Fan Club. This is the fourth website and hopefully it will be one that people will visit. "Now who is Megan?" is the question on everyone's mind. This and much more will be answered within this site. Megan Brown is a sweet, caring, and lest I forget a VERY beautiful girl. She happens to be my ex-girlfriend who I care a lot about. I have only known her for about six months but I feel that I really know her. Even though the time we have shared has been short we still ended up being incredibly close. She is a special person with a great heart, and I will always be greatful for the times we have shared. I can honestly say my life is better for having known her. Thank you Megan, for being you. Megan plays volleyball for the Varsity team of Archbishop Wood High School. She collects Beanie Babies and she has almost all of them including the rarities. Have fun in the site and be sure to become a member...Megan is waiting. Thanks!!!!!!!

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