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Yahoo! Chat

This was an okay chat, I guess. Hanson was chatting from Seattle, where they had a tour stop. I was among the first to grace the chat room with my presence. ( My screen name was DivaJoy14, in case anyone saw me) Well, I submitted about 3 questions to the Hansons, and not one was answered. That's kinda pathetic considering the mere 23 people who came. The Yahoomc came on at about 7:45, and kept giving us little updates...such as "15 more miutes untill Hanson comes!". Then after he got the girls all excited, he announced that their manager, Christopher Sabec, would be chatting with us first. That was creative and different on their part, but I could tell that most of the ppl in that chat room could care less about their manager. I can't say I blamed them, considering that he is not a very exciting person to chat with. Or maybe it was just because most of the questions he got asked were really boring. Oh well. He was on for about 20 minutes. Then finally, Hanson came on! Again, most of the questions were not all that creative, with the exception of a few such as "What's your favorite guitar chord?" This was a looooooonnngg chat, about 2 hrs, between Christopher Sabec and Hanson. To be honest, it was not all that exciting, but I'm glad I went, cuz it was kinda fun. The transcript will be up on the articles page as soon as we get it to work, but untill then you can use the link to Yahoo on our Homepage, click on "Transcripts". Thanx!