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Smash Hits
Article From Smash Hits January 28 1998
"We're Bored of Dumb Questions!" So shouted a tired Hanson after literally weeks of dopey interviews. "That's as maybe," replied Smash Hits. "But what we really want to know is..."
Have you ever lied about your age?
IKE: Why would we lie about our ages?
ZAC(smiling): I don't have that problem yet! It'd be pointless anyway. When we started doing gigs I was, like, this big! (He waves his hands around his knees and screeches 'Hi I'm fourteen!')
TAY(laughing): Even now, I can't say I'm nineteen.
ZAC(putting on a Noo Yawk accent): Hey yo! I'm 2 2!
IKE (with the same accent): Yo! Wassup!
TAY: You're 22 and you're from Brooklyn (a district of New York)
IKE(still doing the accent): Hey, forget about it! I'm Italian. We all live in a subway sandwich!
What's the most annoying question you get asked?
TAY: Oh wow. One of the questions we always get asked is, 'Are your little brot hers or sisters gonna join the band?'
IKE(laughing): That's pretty annoying!
TAY: The most commonly asked one is 'Do you guys have girlfriends?' And the stupidest question is "How did you meet?" People actually ask us that! Someone once asked us what our favourite ice cream flavour was...
ZAC(reasonably): That was kinda more original, because not many people ask it, but...
TAY: It's not exactly profound though, is it?!
Can you name all five Backstreet Boys? (Oh-oh, they're stumped!)
TAY: I'm sorry, we can't.
IKE: I only know...(tails off with a puzzled look) No, I've gotta say I don't know any of them.
ZAC: We just don't think about that stuff!
IKE: We only know what they look like.
TAY: They probably can't name us! (We bet they can, Taylor.)
ZAC: Well, that's probably because our names are a little easier to remember.
IKE: Yeah, and there's only three of us, rather than five. Oh, what the hey!
Do you find it bizarre when people say you look like girls?
IKE (very firmly): Yes.
ZAC (disagreeing): No, you see, it's not that bizarre at all. The only people who say we look like girls are ones who've lost their girlfriends because they like our band!
TAY: You know what, we'd be the ugliest girls you've ever seen! If I was a girl, I'd feel really sorry for myself because I am UGLY! (Hmm, our readers would disagree...) Well, for all those guys that say we're girls, I sympathise. If I had a girlfriend and she was screaming at some band, I'd be kind of ticked off. So why not call us, girls!
What would you most like to change about the world?
ZAC (pretending to cry): You know what I wanna do? I wanna give everyone in the world a puppy!
TAY: We're not up there to, like, saving the whales or anything, you know...
ZAC (continuing to tearfully interrupt the others): Because puppies are good! They make you feel good!
IKE: Except when they grow up to be big dogs. (Pretends to cry too.) Yeah they'r e all warm and squishy inside (?!). Especially when they pee on you.
TAY: We're not majorly into all that 'save the world' stuff. We make music - but then that's something you couldn't live without...
IKE: It's something you realise as you travel around - music is a universal lan guage. When you go to all these different countries and people are singing a song that you wrote - in English - you realise music crosses all boundaries.
What are you like first thing in the morning?
TAY: Like we are now, only in the morning.
ZAC (taking leave of his senses): Well I'm like in the mornings when I'm in the morning!
IKE (trying valiantly to be sensible): I'm a bit groggy, I guess. I think my voice is deeper.
ZAC: Yeah, you're like (in a deep groan), 'Woaaherrgh!"
TAY: It depends on whether you've had enough sleep - either too much or too little. I sometimes think getting too much sleep is worse than not getting enough. You feel really weird when you've slept 'til noon. If you could have a chat with anyone in the world , who would it be?
ZAC: Well, see, I would have my brain split in half and I would talk to myself! No, I'd speak to Jim Bob Baybowlay (What is he on about?!)
What's the eleventh commandment?
ZAC (shouting): To have a frog in your bathroom!
IKE (in vicar's tones): Thou shalt have a frog in thy bathroom.Erm sorry! ( Zac has started giggling uncontrollably.)
TAY: I'm not sure about the eleventh commandment. I don't think we should go the re! (They move swiftly on.)
Are you lovers or fighters?
TAY: It depends on the situation! If there's a big bully and he's getting ready to beat up on a really cute girl, then you're a fighter!
ZAC: You're a fighter, then you're a lover! Wooooaaaarghh! (Giggles madly.)
IKE: Yeah, you're like (becoming a smoothie), 'Hey,baby, you can lay one on me.'
Should girls play with Barbie and boys with Action Man?
ZAC (unimpressed): How about we pass this question? People should play with what they want.
TAY: Well, if I'm a guy and I've got loads of sisters, I'll probably end up pla ying with Barbie to a certain extent. But, in the end, guys and girls like diffe rent things.
IKE: It was really funny, a long time ago, when I saw this thing on TV that said (does serious voice) 'Guys and girls are different'. Like, no way! (no way?) I n general, guys like guns more (Everyone laughs.)
TAY: Guys are more violent, guys have testosterone...
IKE: At least in our family, they do!
ZAC (joking): Yeah, let's play with guns and knives and motorcycles!
Who was the last person you argued with?
ZAC: I don't keep track of those kind of things.
TAY: Everyone argues at certain points, but I don't remember the last time... (T hinks for a while). The computer! We were yelling at the computer last night!
IKE: Yeah, we were yelling at it because it wouldn't save something. We were get ting really mad at the thing.
ZAC (pretending to cry again): We were like 'You mean computer! We don't like y ou at all! It was arguing back as well!
TAY: Yeah, it was sending us messages like, 'Screw you!'. We were like, 'Oh my God! It's alive! (They all giggle). The computers's cussing at me!
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