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Rosie- The November Appearance.

I am so very disappointed in Rosie. She usually has Hanson do 2 songs instead they only did half of one, not to mention she was kind of rude to them.

For this performance, Ike was missing something essential. HIS BRACES!!! Yes, they are gone. He looks different. But in a good way. My mom actually noticed it first, and I didn't believe her. But then I saw it for myself. Poor April no longer has her distant parter in the world of braces. Boohoo. Hanson did part of Man From Milwaukee, which sounded great, but they skipped a lot of it. That was kind of a bummer. When they sat down to do the interview, Rosie asked them what "Abertane" was. Hanson explained it, but then corrected her pronounciation of "ALbertane". Rosie then expressed her relife that it wasn't "some weird part of Canada that I didn't know about." and explained the live CD. They she asked their ages, as she does everytime. Ike told everyone that this birthday would be his first home in 3 years. Then she asked the infamous "Do you have diaper duty?" question. They said that yes, they do. I have to point out that Zac was continually being a smart ass about everything. After asking a question about "normal" school and Zac giving a smart retort, she exclaimed "Gizz, Zac!" jokingly. But inwardly you could tell that she was not that happy with any of them, especially Zac. When she cooled off, she asked about Zac's voice and what age the typical boy changes. They all anwswered "around 13" and at this point I noticed that Zac is growing a mustache. No kidding. And, correct me if I'm wrong, Ike and Tay neither have traces of facial hair. Hmmm. Then Rosie told them what a delight they were (even though you could tell she didn't think so) and that was it. It was a very short, inadequate interview. But what are you gonna do. Thanks anyway.