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Rosie Review

Okay, let's just say this was an okay performance. Zac seemed really mad the whole time they were playing. The other two seemed to be their normal selves, but poor Zac. That's really the only weird thing we noticed. They did "River" first. This was taken slower, and Ike did not have his normal vigor in his voice. In fact, the whole song was not that, um, vigorous untill the very end. Zac looked extremly bored and mad during this song, he stared off into space and seemed to almost forget his cues. They added that new bridge to the song and for the life of me I cannot figure out what they are saying in part of it. If anyone does, please e-mail us because we are anxious to know. Taylor was banging mad on his keyboards, it's a surprise that any real sound came out of them. After they finished this song Rosie shook their hands and went to break. The interview was better than the song. They started off by shooting those Koosh things and they (namely Taylor) seemed really embarrassed. He kept saying how bad they were. They weren't that bad, but, oh well you can't be good at everything! Next they explained the whole "3 Car Garage" thing, how it enabled them to make "Middle Of Nowhere" and everything. Am I the only person that noticed that lately they really pronounce the "h" sound in words that begin in "wh"? And the weird thing is, they sound like they are really trying to do it. Hmmmm. Anyway, during this explanation, Zac just kinda stared at Rosie's desk. Then she asked him how old he was and that kinda seemed to break the ice. He still wasn't exactly what you would call a motormouth, but at least he was talking. Rosie even asked him if he was bored with the drums. He insisted that he wasn't, but Taylor said that he's taken to drumming on his head. That has to be a small sign of boredom. Well, at this moment Rod Estes chose to walk onstage. His cute litte niece came up to meet Hanson, (he mentioned it when it was his segment on the show) and she seemed terrified. Her eyes were huge and she didn't say one word the whole time she was up there. She managed a little smile when Rosie took a picture of her with Hanson and she gave them thier little gifts, but then she just walked away. Zac even attempted to make conversation with her by questioning the amount of jellybeans she had given them, but she didn't even answer him. I need to point out that Taylor seemed really happy to get those jellybeans. Next they played "Where's the Love". This was and average performance, nothing special to say about it. When they were done singing, Rosie allowed some of the fans to come shake their hands. She warned them "not to hurt them". haha. Did you ever notice that all the girls just kinda nervously touch their hands then walk away? I'm sorry but I think that's stupid. Why not try saying 'Hi' or "Wassup?" Well, that's all folks! Tune in in a few weeks for our "Live....." review! Thanx!