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Just how Rock'n'Roll are Hanson?

They have the long hair, they can play the guitar and they're not totally unfamiliar with leather pants, but are Hanson 101 per cent bona fide rock gods? We put them to the test. 1. You're due to play at a big outdoor festival and all you need to do is arrange the accommodation. Do you...

a) Take a tent and camping stove? There's nothing like the big outdoors, even if it does mean peeing behind a hedge.

b) Roll up in a huge tour bus? The bunks are cozy and if it means going without a shower for a day then, so what?

c) Book into the nearest hotel? Peace and quiet, fresh sheets and 24-hour room service. Bliss.

Taylor: We'd book into a hotel.

Zac: No, we'd stay on the tour bus cause then we wouldn't have to do any horrible travelling.

Taylor: No, you'd stick to the bus during the day and then hang out in the hotel at night.

Isaac: We couldn't camp cause there's not usually dressing room areas backstage at festivals.

Zac: And if the weather was bad we wouldn't wanna risk falling sick.

Taylor: Besides, we'd have to pee in the open air, Eurgh!

2. You leave the taps running in your hotel bathroom and flood the whole apartment. There's enough water to wash an elephant.

Do you...

a) Get down on your hands and knees and use all of your spare undies and towels to mop up?

b) Pack up and sneak out? Hotels charge enough; they can cover the damage!

c) Sheepishly own up to the manager and offer to pay for the damage to the room?

Taylor: You'd sneak out! No argument.

Isaac:I'd clean up as much as possible, then sneak out!

Taylor: Yeah I guess so, but I wouldn't ruin my underwear. I'd use the bed sheets instead.

3. A relative wants to buy you a lovely present for your new apartment. Do you opt for...

a) A musical lavatory? It plays a top tune when you flush!

b) A new ironing board?

c) A diamond studded pinball machine?

Taylor: Easy, the pinball machine. An ironing board is boring and who wants a toilet that plays music? If you're ready to flush it you're about to leave the room aren't you?!

Isaac:Yeah, I'd have the pinball too but I'd take the diamonds off and sell them.

Zac: And then buy the toilet!

4. During a European tour Boyzone are staying in the hotel apartment next door. You invite them in for a party, but after a while Keith starts getting a bit rowdy and begins to trash your hotel room. He's about to throw the TV out the window.

Do you... a) Shout 'Go on Keith!' and lob the alarm clock out the other window?

b) Rescue the TV from him but join in on a popcorn and Pepsi fight, accidentally spraying fizzy pop up the walls?

c) Call the police and breathe a sigh of relief as the cops lead Keith away?

Isaac: No you pull the TV out of his hands and say, 'Shut up! Sit down!'

Taylor: And behave like the adult you are.'

Isaac: I think throwing a TV out of the window is a little bit dangerous

Taylor: Water balloons or small animals on the other hand are fine by me!

5. You meet a girl who likes you for all the right reasons. It's her birthday and you want to spoil her.

Do you...

a) Play her a song on your acoustic guitar?

b) Record her a special tune and have it played over the radio along with a birthday message?

c) Drive around her neighborhood in a big sports car with speakers playing a romantic Celine Dion ballad.

Zac: Yuck! None of those!

Taylor: You'd take her out into the country and do something that had nothing to do with any of those. (The mind boggles...) You'd do what she wanted to do.

Isaac: But Taylor, girls don't like being asked what to do. I'd play her a song on my guitar, take her to a movie then dinner.

Zac: I'd do nothing!

Isaac: Ah Zac, that's not a good idea cause then she'll be on your back for forgetting her birthday.

Zac: Okay, I'd take the diamonds off the pinball machine and give them to her.

6. It's your mate's birthday and you're off to a posh restaurant to celebrate. Uh oh, the doorman refuses you entry cause you're wearing trainers.

Do you...

a) Say, 'Don't you know who I am?' and demand the best table in the house?

b) Take off your shoes and socks and walk in with bare feet?

c) Congratulate your mate and slink off home?

Isaac: Go home. I wouldn't want to go to a posh restaurant anyway.

Taylor: (To Isaac) But your friend's asked you along.

Isaac: Okay, I'd take my shoes and socks off.

Zac: Yeah, but just you make sure you've cut your toenails and washed your feet.

Taylor: He could still wear his socks.

Isaac: Yeah, walking in with socks on and not caring what everyone thought. Now that's pretty Rock'n'Roll!