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Hanson has taken a couple months off and you won't see them back in action until the Spring. What are they doing now that they can kick back and relax? The trio from Tulsa has spent the past two years on the road, making concert, TV and radio station appearances until one town blended into another and they didn't even know where they were!

While their new album and home video, Live From Albertane, moves up the charts, we got the scoop on what they're doing around Tulsa!

Tay: Well, first of all, I am catching up on those thousands of nights of missed sleep and doing double time, taking naps. I am also catching up on my reading, the stack got really big on the road. I started lugging around all these books and never read them. I really like spiritual books and biographies. I am also hanging out with all my old friends and picking up where we left off.

Zac: I am playing all the games I couldn't play on the road, both video games and real games. I am also trying out some new drumming equipment, a few companies have approached me about doing endorsements for everything from drums themselves to cymbals to sticks. I got these really high tech sticks that feel really light that I am going to test out. I know that sounds boring, but to me, it's fun. I think I will use the glow in the dark ones for stage for a long time though, since those were such great visuals and really got the crowd going--especially when I threw them into the audience.

Ike: Well, I want some rest--beautiful rest. It feels so nice to have peace and quiet, be back with the family and just be regular old Ike. I have gone to my favorite stores, to the Laser Tag place, to the ice cream parlor and to the coffee place for my favorite iced tea--it's incredible how the littlest thing in life mean the most. I will also be catching up on reading, songwriting, and working a lot in our home recording studio. I am sure I will be bouncing new material off the other guys' for their opinions and additions. It is so nice to not have too look at a suitcase for a couple of months. I hid mine deep in the attic!