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Regis and Kathy Lee Review

I only watched this sickening show because Hanson was on it. I only watched the parts that involved Hanson, for that was all I could take. Regis introduced Hanson singing "Everybody Knows the Claus". Save for a bad chord on Taylor's part, it sounded fabulous. Tay was wearing a green shirt under a brown jacket with brown pants. Zac was wearing a blue shirt and red pants (same type of thing he wore at the concert we went to!), and Ike was wearing red pants, and a blue shirt under a black one. Pretty nice outfits, overall. Then they started with the interview. It was not bad, considering who was interviewing them. I mean, the last time they were on the show Regis admitted that he had never really heard of them until then. And you could tell he really didn't care at all about them. Which is fine. But at least he could have faked it a little better! But he was actually okay here. They started talking about driving, and Ike said that Tay has actually driven. A friend's stick shift. And then Taylor said his famous "I fear for the people on the sidewalks thing." And, based on the way Tay presents himself as a driver, I would never get in the car with him. Ever. I probably would not go with in about a 100 mile radius of where he was driving. Sorry, Tay. Don't quit your day job. Cheuffer is probably not your thing, anyway. Don't feel bad. Then they started talking about all the sites they got to see on tour, such as Mount Rushmore. As it turns out, they got there after it closed and had to ask to be let in. (As Zac sums up the experience "Doh!") Tay said it was probably actually better because then no one would bother them. Then the ever-annoying Kathy Lee went on this litte sympathy shpeel about how they must feel so privacy deprived. They denied that, and you could tell they thought she was a nutcase. Regis broke this topic of convo by bringing up the Billboard Awards. (We won't go there with me and Kathy Griffen right now..not in the mood!) They talked about Shania Twain, and how pretty she is. Regis took this opportunity to humliate Ike and Zac. Ike started blushing as soon as he mentioned her name, but Zac was a little tougher. The basic dialouge between Zac and Regis went like this: Regis: "Zac, she's not for you!" Ike:(in the background): I think she's married, anyway......" Zac: I know! She's TOO OLD! " Regis: "That's right!" . Then Zac turned a nice shade of crimson. Of course, the subjuct of any female, whether it be Zoe, Cindy Crawford, Wicket ect, inevitably and untimatly brings on the topic of girlfriends. I don't know if you have noticed, but Hanson has been dropping little hints lately. They are either very girlfriend ready, or have girlfriends (please, don't send any hate mail for saying this. Be mature.) . When Zac pointed out that it is not impossible for them to have GF's, Kathy Lee seemed to think that they had a "little something to tell her" . Zac redeemed himself to her and the fans by saying it would be difficult, but not impossible. I'm not convinced. I think at least one of them has a little sumthin'-sumthin' going on. But that's just my opinion. Don't freak. As much fun as it is to pretend, the chances of any of you ever being romantically linked to one of them is very slim. And they have to get girlfriends sometime right? After all, John Lennon was able to hid his first marrage for a while.............

After the interview, Hanson played "Ever Lonely" which sounded good. Then I turned it off. More to come.