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The Good Journalism Guide to Getting a Straight Answer Out Of Hanson.

1 Don't ask Zac

2 Don't ask Ike

3 Ask Tay, no matter who you ask Tay will answer anyway so you may as well.

4 Mention Cindy Crawford in the question, you're likely to get a long answer out of Ike

5 Don't mention Cindy Crawford in the question, you're likely to get a long answer out of Ike

6 If you hear " Well you know..." switch off your tape recorder - you don't have enough tape.

7 Any question relating to the internet leads inevitably to these words: ""

8 Don't try to get them to bad mouth anyone - won't happen.

9 Except each other

10 But then they'll apologise to each other - during your interview time.

11 Do not ask them about their musical influences, yes they will answer the question. Just don't ask okay?

12 Their siblings aren't joining the band. Deal with it.

13 Don't try to get them to diss the fans.

14 Don't try to make them hug the fans.

15 Don't try to interview the fans.

16 No specifics - food, movie, actor, actress, band, song, thing a fan has given them, colour lava lamp, their own song... they won't tell you because

A: They can't decide on anything and
B: They don't want to get a deluge of whatever they picked in the mail.

17 Ask them something specific about a song... please... except MMMBop.... pretend it doesn't exist.

18 If you hear the words " Well I haven't really thought about that" you are never never never going to get an answer.

19 If Ike answers a question staring at Taylor don't worry, he is talking to you it's just his brother is THAT attractive.

20 Unless you're Cindy Crawford - see above.

21 Don't be intimidated if Taylor says "C'mon" during the interview. He is not propositioning you.

22 Sorry

23 If Ike takes a breath during his answer jump in with a new question - life is short.

24 If you are female try to resist Taylor okay?

25 If you are male don't worry, you are not gay - it's normal.

26 This is a long interview isn't it?

27 Ask them if they have girlfriends. Go on. I dare you.

28 Ahhhh ignore all these instructions and just wing it. You gotta do better than Oprah.

29 And she's worth like a trillion dollars!

30 Before you ask - En Vogue to Aerosmith.

31 It's about relationships! It is deeper than you think! It is a moment of time!

32 Forget what I said, ask Zac, sometimes his answers make the most sense.

33 Scary isn't it?

34 Be Cindy Crawford.