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Howie Mandell

I have to start out by saying that this was one of Hanson's best performances. I was very impressed with Howie. Zac was wearing a boiler suit type thing that said "H.G ARMY" on it, Taylor was wearing a tanktop with a black jacket and black pants, Ike was wearing a black shirt under a brown jacket with black pants. When they came out, of course all the girls screamed and shouted. And, of course, Howie mentioned that he'd "seen nothing like this since the Beetles..blah,blah,blah.." which, of course, led to Taylor saying "let's not go there." Due to this redundant beginning, I thought the whole interview was going to be the same old thing. Boy, was I wrong. After they got beyond the whole Beetles thing, Taylor mentioned how much he liked the chairs and the room they were in because they were "psychodelic" or however you spell that. Then he went on to tell poor Howie that he looked like Dick Clark in the setting. Howie was just like "You're kidding, right?" I noticed around this point that Ike seemed to be talking veeeerrrryyy sllllooooowwwlllllyyy.....Anyway, they started to talk about how facinated Howie was with their life, even prior to fame. They talked about homeschooling and how you can't mess around because your parents are always there. Ike described this as being "royally punished". Interesting. Hanson and Howie then compared the amount of fanmail they get..Hanson keeps their's in a barn while Howie claims that he "keeps his in a shoebox." Zac explained the barn by singing> that the barn is "somewhere out there." The girls went crazy when he did this. Hanson then thanked Howie for the shoes. Yes, Howie gave them shoes, Hushpuppies, to be exact. Is it me, or does Howie really seem to like these boys? Anyway, then they went on to what seems to be the most interesting topic of conversation lately. Zac's voice changing. Zac jokingly admitted that it sometimes gets outta control when he talks, but that he doesn't sit there like "eargh!" when he's singing. Howie brought up the topic that the girls in the audience seemed to be big fans of puberty. Howie then brought up the fact that there may be nothing that the boys can do wrong, that the fans will love them regardless. But Hanson was very quick to explain the fact that there are lots of things the fans wouln't like such as , as Zac put it so matter of factly "Flippin' 'em the bird." Hmm, does Hanson have a few dirty little secrets? Girlfriends, maybe? After this little episode, Hanson was told that they had a mystery fan on the phone. Anyone who saw Howie know that it was none other than Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now, we have nothing against her, but really, she is so sickeningly perfect. Or at least that's how she presents herself. I mean, she's an actress, movie star, singer, does Noxema commercials, and she claims that Hanson is her "favorite." When she first said "Hello" I seriouly thought that she was some 11 year old trying to sound seductive or something. But when she revealed her identity, Taylor's face was priceless. It was perfect. (But NOT as perfect as Jennifer!) They started to talk to her about how she was "very cool to meet" at there concert and all that. But the fans would not shut up, so Zac yelled at them "You guys, be quiet we have to talk to Jennifer now!" The phone conversation was very short lived, and I personally could have done without it. After a little more conversation between Howie and Hanson, there was a commercial break. When they returned, Hanson was now in the "couchy" room where Howie does most of his interviews. They talked a little more before Howie introduced Alex Kingston. When she came out, she kissed Howie on the cheek then ever so politly shoved Hanson over so she could sit down. Before Howie could even start interveiwing her, she pointed out that she had dreampt about Hanson the night before ("So has every other girl in here!" Says Howie!), and in her dream they were "aging bikers." Alright, that's fine, whatever you say. But of course, Ike just couldn't leave it at that he had to attest to the fact that it was "coincedental, because we dreampt about you too!" in this weird voice. I have to point out that Zac did not seem happy that his brother had spoken for him in that subject which, obviously wasn't true. Ike just had to say it for some unknown "guy" reason.

Anyway, I think when Alex Kingston was on there were some of the best Hanson parts. For example, in her British accent, Alex started to explain that the crew on her TV show "fah-ts" a lot. This feuled a conversation about "fahting" and how the room gets toxic when the crew farts, (to which Howie said "Are you pulling my finger?") and the whole "You smelt it, you dealt it, you deny it, you suppy it." war. Ike actually intiated that whole thing. But it was funny how Hanson actually talked about something that was remotely repulsive, showing that they are normal, stinky,perverted, farty boys just like the ones at school. After the whole "fart" thing, Alex went on to describe a job she once had where she had to basically "stick her hand up a chicken's ass and pull out there guts." Nice, real nice. Howie decided that things were going downhill in the conversation. As Zac pointed out "First 'fahting' and now this." And then after this, Alex just had to talk about nakedness (her nakedness, never the less!) in front of a bunch of pubescent teenage boys. She was talking about how she goes to this place with natural hotsprings and you just strip off all of your clothes and jump in. All 3 Hansons seemed pretty happy imagining that scene. Anyway what we'll affectionatly call "Alex Kingston's segment of filthy topics on the Howie Mandel show" was over so Hanson could perform "Gimme Some Lovin'". It was a pretty typical perfomance. After they were done, Howie presented Zac with a Playstation for his birthday, which I thought was very generous of him. When asked what Zac did for his birthday, all 3 of them got all fired up and explained "Paintball!!" Taylor explained that it's fun, even if you do get a few bruises. And then they discussed how on the 4th of July, they lit off fireworks in the parking lot of an Atlanta venue, and how cool it was. What did I tell you? They are normal boys.