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WingDing Transcript

Kenny Walker: We interrupt this broadcast for a special announcement. Kenny Walker, Chris Marino backstage at the Y-100 Wing Ding - the Brothers Hanson are hanging out with us!

Chris Marino: Give it up for Hanson! (People cheer, applaud)

Kenny: How you guys doin?

Isaac: We're doing just fine.

Taylor: (laughing) Very, very good.

Zac: Yes!!!! We are sooooo good!

Taylor: Gotta check out the hotwings, they're awesome.

Kenny: We were just gonna ask you about the food. Have you gotten a chance to munch at all?

Taylor: Yeah, we had some corn on the cob, and we got a selection from all the different wings. Very good.

Kenny: See, that's one of the perks of being a big star, you don't have to wait in lines-

Isaac: (interrupting) I think we're having Italian later, I think.

Kenny: Oh, from the Pasta Village?

Taylor: See that doesn't work, those two don't go together.

Kenny: You're right - INDIGESTION, ah!

Taylor: We're having hot wing pasta, yum, yum.

Zac: How 'bout hot pasta?

Kenny: You guys don't have to pay for the food, cuz your big shots, you get to get it for free?

Taylor: Well, it's for charity. So...

Zac: (Interrupting) We get free food, and we play. See, that's the exchange.

Kenny: That's the exchange right there.

Taylor: See, we sing for food.

Isaac: Yeah, you know those signs "We Will Work for Food"? Well, we sing for food.

Kenny: Zac, how many drumbeats do we get for drumsticks? (Everyone groans at the bad joke)

Zac: Uhhhhhh

Kenny: Stupid joke, oh, ok, I'm sorry, whoo, whoo!!!!

Zac: 75 billion, but I don't eat that many.

Kenny: Oh, ok.

Chris: Hey, you guys sounded great on the soundcheck. What were you guys talking about with the Christmas album, tell us about that.

Isaac: Well, the album is called "Snowed In" and it comes November 18th. We co-produced the record with a guy named Mark Hudson who we wrote a bunch of songs with on Middle of Nowhere: Minute Without You, Lucy, and Where's the Love.

Kenny: So what types of songs are on it? Is it traditional Christmas songs or did you guys make up new ones.

Isaac: Well, we also, we wrote 3 songs that are on there, and there are also, you know, 8 classic songs. There's Run Run Rudolph, which we played just 20-30 minutes ago for our soundcheck, yes. And there's all kinds of different songs, you know like White Christmas, Silent Night.

Taylor: Yeah, there's a medley of three traditional songs on there like Silent Night, Come all ye Faithful, and O Holy Night.

Kenny: Great, that's cool. And surprises we can expect for today's performance?

Isaac: (laughs histerically)

Kenny: Yeah? Are you gonna do some Christmas songs? I mean, the holidays are coming, not that feels like it down here in South Florida.

Taylor: We were trying to, I mean, how do you guys have Christmas down here, like decorate a palm tree or something?

Chris: Isn't it weird?

Isaac: It's kinda like Christmas in Australia. In Australia, it's summer when it's Christmas.

Chris: Have you ever seen the Charlie Brown Christmas, with the busted up tree? (All say yeah) That's the kinda Christmas tree Kenny Walker has in his house.

Kenny: I turn up the air conditioning real high, and we just hang out and sing.

Zac: Yeah, we know this friend in Australia, and she's like, instead of milk, we leave ice cold beer. (Everyone is dying laughing, don't ask me why...)

Kenny: Sounds like his house. (I have NO clue why he said that)

Chris: Well, look, we are so physched that you're here.

Isaac: Well, we're excited to be here, man.

Kenny: We've got people who've been here, waiting outside since 6 in the morning to see you guys.

Taylor: Wow

Chris: They've been driving all over, waiting for you guys. So you gonna make us proud, you gonna smoke 'em or what?

Isaac: Yeah, we're, we're gonna smoke.

Taylor: We hope.

Isaac: Uh, don't take that wrong......

Zac: WE'RE SMOKIN'!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenny: Wait a minute, guys, first we're talking beer and smoking, sounds like my kind of party!!!

Isaac: Yeah, big stogies!!! (Everyone laughs)