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This was a rather interesting appearance. The FANatic was, in fact, a guy. Who was, I'm guessing, about 19. I thought that was pretty cool. People tend to think that Hanson is a teenage band for girls, and they don't appreciate that it is MUSIC. This guy obviously did, and I think that MTV was better off with this guy than any other screaming teenage girl who probably would have just said " You guys are soooooooooooo hot, I love you, I want to have your child....." Ya know, the basic stuff. I have to say, the guy was a little over excited. But who wouldn't be? Anyway, the guy was surprised at his rehersal for "Into the Woods." He was playing the part of the woolf. He almost started crying when they told him the news. Now, anyone who's seen FANatic before knows that two people and two different celebs are on per night. The first half of the show is the "surprising and explaining why such and such a celebrity has been such and inspiration to me.....ladeda..." part. This is when Aaron, the Hanson fan, told his tragic story. His nephews were taken from their mother and his mom gained custody of them. At night, the boys would ask Aaron to sing them a song, and he chose "I will come to you" because ".....the lyrics were so appropriate." So that song became like their anthem or something. He says he wears a Hanson shirt everyday and he makes people say "MMMBop" before they get in his car...stuff like that. At the airport he was trying to convince a women to buy Hanson albums. Now after this part comes the "Camera crew wakes you up at the crack- of- your- butt- dawn and shoves a camera in your face, forcing you to WAKE UP" part. The guy was wearing a, well, rather profane shirt, that I will only say had something to do with how many inches something is. Needless to say, MTV had to blur the shirt out. COMMERCIAL. They are back, and Aaron is in the limo, (with a normal shirt on) and saying how nervous he is to meet Hanson. Meanwhile, Hanson is waiting for him and saying how they are his biggest fans and how nervous they are to meet him. Taylor even proceeds to say, in an anxious voice, while dancing in his seat, "Does anybody have some water?!" Ha ha ha. Funny..... Anyway, then Aaron walks in, and Zac comes and trys to accost him. When I was watching this, I actually thought that Zac was gonna hug him. He didn't thank gosh. He just stuck out his hand. Poor Aaron. He had this "omigod" look on his face as Zac was running at him. Aaron seemed so sweet and harmless, like just totally almost pitiful. WE LUV U AARON!! Anyway, Hanson was telling him how happy they were to see him, blah blah blah. Aaron had thought up some more original questions. He told them his little story, and he thanked them for letting him express himself through thier music. Then Taylor was saying how it's not them letting him, it's him letting them. Then all of them went into a shindig about that. Aaron just sat there dumbfounded and uttered a "You guys are really smart..." He asked them about embarassing moments, fighting, creative desicions..... and, wonder of girlfriend questions. Zac was allowed to speak as well. Yess! They gave him autographs, and told him that he was coming to the show...he was phsyced, you could tell. The guys just seemed to have a good time! I have to comment on Taylor's rings before I close this. He had a ton of them and they were all too big for his skinny fingers. he kept playing with them and it was really annoying me!