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Other Celebrities Opinions On Hanson

Lousie Nurding : Was asked: Is Hanson's hair cool? "Ugh. No. Someone needs to cut that boy's hair. The little one (Zac) and the middle one (Taylor) are OK. But the tall one (Isaac) has got to do something with his hair. Do I think they should go for a perm? No! I like their voices, I think they're talented, but Isaac needs a haircut. I know a great stylist if he needs one!"

Brian Littrel (BSB): Was asked: Are Hanson brats? "You're expecting me to say yes aren't you? No, they're not. I really thought they would be but they really aren't. We hung out with them for a while in the States and they were pretty cool. Its amazing how they all get along so well. If I was in a band with my brothers, I think I would have killed them by now. I can see the smallest one, Zac right? I could see him getting on well with Aaron (Carter)."

Aaron Carter (Nick Carter, BSB, little brother): Was asked: Are Hanson cool? "Yeah, I think they're cool. They're very talented. I wanna make a movie with them! I don't see them as competition because we make different kinds of music. Who's tougher? I think I'm tougher than Zac but the other two are pretty big. Isaac is... seventeen? I'm nine! Taylor I think might kill me! No! Just joking. I don't really think about who's the toughest, I just like them."

Emma Bunton (Baby Spice): Was asked: What do you think about bands like Hanson? "I don't like Hanson. They're brats doing little things in a big world. They won't last all that long."

Scott Wolf : Was asked: What's you fave song of 1997? "Oh, definatly 'MMMBop' by Hanson. I think they are doing so well. And they're so young! To write a song like that at the young ages, what they did is very cool. All credit to the lads."

Rick Scott (Southern FM Radio DJ in the UK): Said, after playing 'Weird' in the UK Hitlist: "And that's Weird by those girl...sorry...boys Hanson. Oh, and congrats to them by the way because mummy Hanson just had her baby in February. Baby Zoe Genevieve has made the Hanson count seven now and frankly, at this moment in time, she probably looks more manly than they do! Geez, you would think that scissors and stylists had not been invented!"

Dominique Moceanu (olympic gymnast) This is what she said about Hanson in a gymnastics magazine. Dominique: I think their music is great, but I could never imagine them doing gymnastics. Especially the little one. He's hilarious. Maybe Taylor I could imagine doing gymnastics, but not the other two. It just cracks me up imagining it! Otherwise that...they're GREAT!

Matt Le Blanc Was asked in the June 1998 issue of Dolly (Australian mag) "If Hanson asked you to be in one of their videos, would you do it?" He replied "Hanson? I wouldn't do it. I ran into them at The Tonight Show one time and I thought they were rude little bastards. There was a bunch of girls that had snuck backstage to get their autographs and one of them, I think it was the oldest one, was really mean to the girls. I'm not impressed with them at all - they're not my cup of tea."

Steven Jenkins (lead singer of Third Eye Blind) "I hate it when people say Hanson sucks... Hanson does NOT suck. They proved that at the Grammy's they can rock... Face it people, bow down to Hanson, they rock and will be around a lot longer than most!"

Tia and Tamera Mowry Tia and Tamera Mowry the 19-year-old twin stars of the WB sitcom Sister, Sister have caught Hanson fever. They recently confessed that they are huge fans of the guys! "They're so adorable!" Tia gushes. "They're the cutest!" Tamera adds.

The group Cleopatra "What do you think of Hanson?" The crowds went wild at Nickelodeon's 11th Annual Kids' Choice Awards. Backstage, Ike, Tay, and Zac had a young lady on their minds, their new little sister Zoe, and the devoted brothers told an endless stream of baby sister stories to anyone who would listen. Also there was a group called Cleopatra made up of three sisters who performed their UK hit, "Cleopatra's Theme." What did the sisters think of the Hanson boys? "They're smashing," beamed Yonah, in her charming English accent.

AJ McLEAN and Kevin Richardson (BSB) (Speaking for the whole band) On "Do you feel like you're competing with Hanson for airtime on the radio?" The Backstreet Boys tell us they don't feel like they're competing with Hanson for airtime on the radio. AJ-"Backstreet Boys are Backstreet Boys, and Hanson is Hanson." Kevin-"We all have our unique qualities and we're all very talented. We wish everyone a lot of luck."

Beck On being asked if he's related to Hanson. If anyone can vouch for not paying attention to silly remarks, it's Beck, who hasn't stopped hearing the question, "Are you related to the Hansons since your last name is Hanson?" ever since "Where It's At" from his 1997 CD, Odelay, rocked the music world. But being referred to as the fourth Hanson, even though his last name is really Hansen with an e, has never left Beck without words. "I ain't riding around in the seat of the Hansonmobile," he's joked of the "MmmBop" boys' video. "I'm not even in the sidecar. I'm in the tow truck."

Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) "...We have a completely different sound and look and image and whatever have you, and we do not feel like rivals at all. CASE CLOSED. We really do think that Ike, Zac, and Taylor are talented though -- they are really what you call 'boy wonders.' We are really happy for them -- they have been working hard for like five years or more to get where they are - they are not the overnight sensation everyone thinks they are." Sent in by: Maggie

Rosie O'Donnell "Those kids in Hanson are so talented and cute. Someone should get them a sitcom." Sent in by Maggie

Puff Daddy "I think Hanson is going to be around for a long time. I think that they're three great talented young men and I think that what people need to stop doing to music is looking at the negative in everything. People are trying their best. It's great, and I think they're going to be around for a long time. You know, I like Hanson. When I hear them sing live, they have good voices, they play live instruments. I think they are going to grow as musicians. They are great entertainers and they have a lot of personality... some clean-cut kids trying to have a good time. They sound like the Jackson 5 to me a little bit. They got a lot of soul to them." Sent in by Maggie

Jay Kay (Lead Singer Of Jamiroquai) "Ah, nice bunch of lads, totally different class, you see what I mean? Guys can sing. They can play. Good songs. They can all sing... got personality. They're brilliant, you know. I'd give it to them every time, you know? Well done. Brilliant. They deserve it. As Marilyn Manson, God forget Marilyn Manson, let's go get Hanson, yeah wow! Way to go Marilyn, ah yes, satanic verse." Sent in by Maggie

Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love was asked by Carson Daly on MTV Live: Who would you pick? Manson or Hanson? Jennifer said, "Hanson! I'd have to pick Hanson!" Here's another thing Jennifer Love Hewitt said when asked: If Hanson asked you to appear in one of their music vidoes-would you do it? "Of course! I love Hanson. I really like MMMBop. I know all the words!"

Janet Jackson She was asked in the Australian TV Hits Mag December 1997 issue, "Do you feel sorry for groups like Hanson, who are having the same experience of growing up in public now?" Janet: Yes I do! I mean, they're having a great time right now and enjoying it. It's a lot of fun for them, but there are going to be days when not going to want to get out of bed, but they have to. They have to address it at some point in their lives. It may not even hit them now, it may hit them later on when they're 31, or when they're 40- something, I wish them the best, I really do, because its not an easy thing they're doing at all!

Michelle Kwan (Talking about how Michelle doesn't have time for alot of things normal teenagers do...) Some things have not escaped this teen. She likes the singing trio Hanson. "I met them," she says. "They're really cute, especially the baby one."

A.J. Hammer of VH1 asks Manson: What do you think of that band Hanson? Manson: "Hanson?! I am scared of those little girls...oh sorry boys, they scare me!! I can't stand their music those little girls!! Ugh I just hate talking about those scary little girls"

N Sync In an Aol live chat 'N Sync was asked by a fan: Do you guys like Hanson? 'N Sync answered: "Yes they're very talented." This was sent in by Megan.

Chris Katan When Chris Katan (SNL actor) was on Conan O'Brian he comented about Zac. Conan brought up the subject of Hanson and Chris said "Oh yeah, that little one, Zac? He's like the devil. The littlest Hanson (he means Mackie) was running up and down the halls by the dressing rooms and Zac was chasing him. He ran over the little one and the little one was sitting there crying and holding his ankle." And Chris was talking about how many kids are in the Hanson family and he did this weird/sinister/evil voice and movements with his hands and was like "They just keep breeding...." He kept doing that for a while.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas He was asked: What do you think of Hanson? "Hanson? Yeah, I've heard of them (smiles). I saw them perform and they have an interesting sound. I wish them every success."

Jim Carrey: He said: "I want to adopt the little Hanson brother" (reffering to Zac)

David Gallager On Late Night w/Conan O Brian, he did this skit where he always wanted to be a teen idol, so he goes to the Tiger Beat studios in NYC. He met David Gallager (from 7th Heaven), and asked him how to be "da bomb." David: First, you have to get rid of these. (taps his sneakers w/ Conan's long, pointy black shoes, which were Conan's grandfather's shoes!)
Conan then asks if David's ever met Hanson.
David: N
Conan: You know the drummer's crazy
David: :::nods his head::: I noticed
Then they show the clip of Zac coming up to the camera,
yelling "WhErE's ThE LoVe!"
Conan: He's younger than you, I think.
David: Yah, he is, he's like 10 or 11, I've heard.
Conan: Yeah, he started with the band when he was a fetus.
Then Conan made some joke but that was all there was about Hanson. (Zac)

Dust Brothers talking about Hanson "The Hanson brothers were probably the most confused of all about our recording system. They had never recorded on the computer. They're a live band, and at first they were a little scared. They said, 'Is this gonna be Hanson or Milli Vanilli?'".

Serena Altschul: MTV News Reporter "They're (Hanson) adorable. I love 'em!"

The Moffatts The Moffatts (I've never heard of them) were once a country group and are now a popular pop group in Canada and Europe said, "Hanson is cool we like their music and we'd like to jam with them sometime."