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Interview With Carson From TRL

FEBRUARY 23, 1998 Hanson treated their huge group of fans to a quick a cappella version of "Weird"
CARSON: So are you excited for the Grammys? You know those long shows can get a little boring.
ZAC: Yeah but you weren't nominated!
TAYLOR: But you can't move for three hours-if you have to go to the bathroom, you have to hold it!
CARSON: On our MTV Online poll you guys won Best New Artist by a whopping 54%!
CARSON: Tell us about shooting your new video, "Weird." It was directed by Gus Van Sant, right?
ZAC: Yes. He's a really nice guy.
TAYLOR: Well we shot it in Times Square...
ZAC: And this guy started yelling, "Hey it's Hanson" and one of the AD's [Assistant Director] said, "No, it just looks like them." But the guy said, "I'm from f***ing Oklahoma, I know what they look like!"
CARSON: I saw you guys on Oprah and you were talking about voices changing. Where are we with this?
ISAAC:We're cool.
ZAC: We're cool.
TAYLOR: Well, we're changing all the time.
CARSON: I've got to congratulate you-- there's a new Hanson, I understand.
ISAAC: Yes, we have a new little sister.
CARSON: Really-what does she play?
TAYLOR: She plays the rattle!
FROM THE STREET: Hi. What does MOE, the name of your fanclub magazine, stand for?
TAYLOR: MOE means Middle Of Everwhere. That's very cool that she knows about that.
TAYLOR: We've been told we can't go to the window and all our fans outside have been waiting in the rain...
CARSON: Do you guys deal ok with all your fans? Or does it get to be a little annoying at times?
TAYLOR: No, it's awesome! It's very cool.
CARSON: Where's your favorite place you've been?
TAYLOR: Here. It's our favorite ever. We love your set.
ZAC: I love you, man! [Climbs over couch to sit on Carson's lap]
CARSON: Come here, Zacy!