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Seventeen - December 1997
by: Ethan Brown
"Blond Ambition"

They've gone from the middle of nowhere to the center of the universe, but Hanson keeps it cool.

Follow the screams and you'll find Hanson. Tonight the screams are coming from the hundreds of girls who are assembled ouside the Beacon Theatre in New York City. They're bearing signs that read ZAC:YOU'RE ALL I'M LIVING 4; WE LOVE HANSON 4-EVER; HANSON: AMERICA'S BOYS. They're hoping to catch a glimpse of Isaac (17), Taylor (14) and Zac (12) leaving the theatre where they've just shot their upcoming homevideo concert, Tulsa, Toyko & the Middle of Nowhere, and the video for their next single, "I Will Come to You." When the Hanson brothers appear at the Beacon's backdoor, the noise reaches deafening decibels. The guys sprint to their limo and pile into the car's plush backseat. A mob of girls breaks through the police barriers and swarms the car, pounding against the windows. The brothers pound right back, laughing at the frenzy. As the car pulls away, Isaac, Taylor and Zac kick back in the limo, readying themselves for a trip to the airport. The Hanson are off to Europe to tour and record their first Christmas album, Snowed In. Zac spots a car weaving through traffic to keep up with them. "I wonder if they're following us," he says. They are. At a red light, a carful of girls pulls up. As the brothers roll down their windows, the girls begin yelling frantically. Then the Hansons ask in a mock upper-class English accents: "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" You might say the Hansons are handling superstardom well. They may habe sold more than 5 million copies of Middle of Nowhere worldwide and had a number one single in 23 countries, yet they are cool, funny and down-to-earth. "Oh, my God, You're Hanson!" says Taylor. "And you go, 'Wait, I can't believe this.'" "It's been totally unbelievable," Isaac agrees. "People think of us as stars," says Taylor, "and we don't think we're stars at all, not even for a second." "If I saw a band like us," says Taylor, "the first thing I would say was, 'Fake! They're put together; they don't write their own songs.'" The Hansons are able to deal with the type of hysteria that would drive even the most seaoned rock star insane. "You go to a concert and there's all this craziness, but it's just a lot of people that are really excited," says Taylor. In places sd diverse as Indonesia, Australia and Paramus, New Jersey, the Hanson craze is at a fever pitch. This summer, at a Hard Rock Cafe in Jakarta, Indonesia, a riot nearly broke out when thousands of fans stormed the tiny establishment. "They were flinging rocks," says Taylor. "We had people throwing themselves at us and hanging on us and ripping out our hair and trying to kiss us." "In Australia 25,000 people showed up to see us perform three acoustic songs," Taylor continues. "In Taiwan a group of girls followed us everywhere we went, and they had cabs waiting at all times. I mean they spent a lot of money on cab fare," he muses. But the most hair-raising (blond of course) experience for these guys occured at what was supposed to be a small in-store appearance at the Paramus Park shopping center in New Jersey. "It was like the first appearance we had ever done, " remembers Taylor. "And we went to this mall-there were like 8,000 people. And we had no security, no barricades on the stage. We thought, Wow, if they wanted to get on the stage, they could."

With all this touring, the brothers are racking up with major mileage. "It's really amazing to think, Yesterday I was in Indonesia; today I'm in Canada," says Taylor. "We've been all over Asia, all over Europe. A lot of people never get to do that." "It's an incredible oppertunity," interjects Isaac, "but at the same time you start to miss home." "You definately miss h