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In the world of boy bands that has recently emerged, the band Hanson is one of the most unique bands. They weren't brought together by a manager who made an idea about a successful group. They weren't brought together out of boredom. They were brought together by birth.

Ever since Isaac, Taylor and Zachary Hanson were little they have loved music. It wasn't until they were older that they began to appreciate it.

When their father was forced to move the family overseas. Before they left the family learned that there would be no English speaking radio stations or TV programs so they bought their children a collection of 50's and 60's music.

Soon they found themselves singing a Capella while they were supposed to be doing chores. Once they got started they couldn't start. Before they knew it they had written tons of songs and even recorded some on a little tape recorder. Little did they know that only years later they would be famous for it.

When the family moved back to their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma their mother decided to home school them in order to keep a close relationship with her sons. This is very popular in Tulsa.

Because they were home schooled they had a lot of free time to increase their musical abilities.

The Hanson Brothers, as they were originally called, made their debut in 1992 at an arts festival in Tulsa called "Mayfest". After that began doing gigs such as parties, corporate functions, and sporting events.

Later they changed their name to "Hanson" and focused more on becoming a band. Isaac learned how to play guitar, Taylor learned the keyboards and Zac learned how to play the drums.

After releasing two independent records called Boomerang and MMMBop , they were signed by Mercury Records. In 1996 they moved the Hanson clan to Los Angeles and began recording their first record on a major label.

The record was eventually called Middle of Nowhere. Hanson made their world debut in March of 1997. First radio stations played their catchy song "MMMBop" and soon after they made a video and it was released on MTV.

Nothing could of prepared Hanson for the hysteria that was caused by the four and a half minute song. They became popular in an "mmmbop" (a made up word that means a quick moment of time).

Before they knew it their pictures were being hung on the walls of millions of girls walls, their names became household names and they became a huge hit.

When they first came out they were called "fakes," "one hit wonders" and made fun of because they were young and had long hair. But they proved that wrong after the releases of the three hits "Where's The Love", "I Will Come To You" and "Weird".

Since then Hanson has made 3 more records Snowed In , 3 Car Garage and The Road To Albertane . Plus they made two videos called Tulsa, Tokyo and the the Middle of Nowhere and Live From Albertane. Even if their fame disappeared they have more memories and experiences than most people half their ages to make them happy. But that is very unlikely to happen.