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Welcome to our Audio Page. Anything with an * next to it means that one of us made it exclusivly for this site.
1. nanoo-nanoo?*
2. dang!*
3. a new song clip*
4. a really funny wav of ike and tay*
5. your fault!*
6.not moe 4!*

1. When you hear this, you'd never know Hanson were professional singers!
2. Yeah, Tay, we think Zac's "pretty fly for a white guy", too!
3. Assorted clips from the "Z100 Interview!"
4. Zac Talking About Their Lego Addiction
5. Tay, "Jennifer Aniston Sent Us A Picture Of Herself"
6. Flinging Muffins At Each Other
7. (no description)
8. (no description)
9. (no description)
10. Does Tay Have A Beeper?
11. Mackie's First Appearance In A Song
12. Taylor serenades us with the Titanic theme

Clips From Old Albums

1. Baby You're So Fine
2. Baby Avie
3. Don't Accuse
4. Incredible
5. More Than Anything (original version)
6. Poison Ivy
7. Rain Falling Down
8. "Sometimes I wonder what I'm a-gonna do, cuz there ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues!"