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Hanson Quotes

"People have told me I should have sex when I feel the need to, but right now I have no desire to pull my pants down in front of a girl." -Zac

"One time I missed the riser when I was going to jump and I ripped my pants!" -Ike

"Yes, my name is Jordan, but Taylor makes my eyes bluer." -Taylor

"Chicks are everywhere, man...flying, gazing...looking at my never know!" - Taylor

"Hey, we were bashed by Howard Stern! Yeah!" -Taylor

"That's cool, too, but it's about a girl with big boobs and that's all it's about. That's why it's a popular game, because the guys want to, ya know.....(Taylor)
"They buy it for the instructions manual!" (Ike)

"I enjoy a good spanking, too!" - Zac "....and then you throw it in the corner and watch it die." -Taylor, on those GigaPet things or whatever the hell they are.

"I may be a wild rock and roller, but you won't catch me peeing in public!" - Taylor

"I'm not a girl, but I won't pull down my pants to prove it!" - Taylor

"I guess people look at the back of our hair and make an assumption." - Ike

"We wrote a lullabye for our little brother. It woke him up!" - Taylor

"There's a weird fact that if you dropped a penny off the Empire State building in New York you'd kill someone. I feel really bad 'cause I dropped a nickel off it once." ~ Taylor

"For us, it's not about sex and drugs, it's about rock and roll." - Taylor

"Zac orders us around more than we do - he's behind the drums and everything and he can control us . . . what we do." - Isaac

"Zac's got some really deep songs."- Taylor.

"I've got one about a frog, one about an alligator, and one about a mushroom, called Mushroom In The Garden." - Zac

"Pamela Anderson is cute, but I like Jennifer Aniston, she looks like she'd be good fun." - Isaac.

"I know Isaac kissed a girl while they were watching 101 Dalmations and she ran home crying to her mum. I find out everything!" - Taylor.

"I don't tend to get girls as fans. I just get all the young guys and weirdos." - Zac

"When I saw the video on MTV, I didn't recognise myself! I really thought I was some girl." - Zac

"We met the Spice Girls and we really liked them. Geri's quite small without her platform shoes on. I'll probably out-grow her in a few months time!" - Zac

"I tap on everything, all the time. It annoys people." - Taylor

"The worst thing we've done is loogieing (spitting) on people from hotel balconies. I hit someone the other day - that was pretty cool!" - Taylor

"We get a laugh from dropping waterbombs out of windows. It's innocent fun and we don't mean anything by it." - Taylor

"That's the coolest thing - seeing people react when you play live." - Taylor

"We went to see Titanic at a cinema in New York. Did I cry? No way, I don't cry at films like that. I would cry if a cute girl was with me and I wanted to look like I was sensitive." - Zac

"When I was little I couldn't care less about girls, I just wanted to throw tomatoes and stuff at them. Hardly any girls are into things like violent movies - girls just wanna talk, they want romance. And there is nothing wrong with that." - Taylor

TVHITS: "What would you say is the biggest difference between girls and guys?"
Taylor: "Guys are more violent, guys have testosterone . . ."
Isaac: "At least in our family, they do!"

TVHITS: "Who's the toughest in the band?"
Taylor: "You wouldn't think it to look at him, but it's Zac! He's very loud, and he can beat you in an argument - so you're best off keeping out of his way."

INTERVIEWER: "If you were girls, would things be different?"
TAYLOR: "Yes, it would be different!"
IKE: "First of all, I'd have boobs! Arrghh!"