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Entertainment Tonight Interview Transcript From Hanson's 10 Min. Appearance On ET

Lisa Canning: This isn't your first time in front of a video camera?
Isaac Hanson: We have people that go with us, and film things.
Zac Hanson: They film our whole life.
Isaac: We actually do a lot of filming just for the fun of it. You never know what you are going to get.
Lisa: Have you guys sat down and looked at some of that stuff from the beginning?
Isaac: Yeah, well actually we have a video show of us called "Out In The Middle Of Nowhere" that has been out for a longtime.
Taylor Hanson: It's just us last year, basically us just running around and stuff. Either our dad or somebody else was shooting.
Isaac: Or us.
Zac: Or us, just shooting what is going on, checking things out.
Lisa: Well congratulations on your first tour.
Isaac: Well thank you very much.
Zac: Thanks.
Taylor: Thank you.
Lisa: And how did the show go?
Taylor: Yeah, it was awesome. The Hollywood Bowl.
Zac: What was funny was when we were here making the album, we got to go to the Hollywood Bowl. And we thought, "It'd be cool to do a show here." And we actually did a show there.
Taylor: It's a really, really cool place. It's very much a unique place to play.
Isaac: The thing about it is, we have air monitors. But if you didn't have air monitors, it would be very hard to hear because of the way it is designed.
Taylor: It's up on this hill, and you just keep looking up.
Isaac: And also, The Hollywood Bowl is meant to project sound outward, and it does it a little too well.
Taylor: Like for opera singers and stuff.
Lisa: Is it a little scary performing in Hollywood?
Taylor: It was actually really fun. It was great. The crowd was awesome, they were as loud as could be.
Zac: I would have to say that the view is very scary.
Taylor: That scares me more.
Zac: And all the smog.
Taylor: You know what's scary? We were looking out of our hotel the other day, and we were like, wow, look at the moon, it's bright orange.
Lisa: You guys can't see stars here. I'm sure you can see the stars in Tulsa, but it's hard to see stars in LA.
Taylor: Yeah, but there is a certain charm about LA.
Isaac: Actually you know, it's easy to see stars.
Zac: It's not the ozone layer, it's the smog layer. Get a large fan, and I can see stars!
Lisa: Have you guys met any big stars that you guys wanted to meet since you've been hanging in Hollywood?
Zac: We met some cool people. We met Mike Myers. We met all kinds of people.
Isaac: All kinds.
Zac: Jenny McCarthy.
Taylor: Jennifer Love Hewitt, we met last night.
Lisa: She came to the show?
Isaac: She did.
Taylor: Yeah, she was there at the show.
Lisa: What did she say?
Isaac: She said she was a really big fan, so that was cool.
Zac: Because we are a really big fan of her.
Isaac: Because she is like cute and stuff. (laughs) Now she is probably watching and going "Okay, we just blew it. Dang."
Lisa: What's it like when you have stars come up to you and say, "Hey, I think you are really great."
Isaac: I think it's just like when you think someone is really great.
Zac: What do you think of this? "You are amazing."
Lisa: (laughs) Will you stop?
Zac: You are completely-I love you.
Isaac: We love your work. Every bit of work you do, we admire you.
Zac: I have everything you've ever done on tape.
Lisa: Oh really?
Zac: Yes.
Lisa: My singing in the shower too?
Taylor: Well, we didn't go that far. We're not stalkers here.
Lisa: (laughs) Okay, lets move along here. You've been touring around the country. Are you guys wiped out? Is it what you thought it would be?
Zac: Amazingly enough, it's like you want to get on the bus. Not like you want to stay somewhere and get on a plane. You want to get on the bus.
Taylor: Like the bus, you've got beds. You've got your own little world. Whereas on a plane, you leave late that night, and you get there in the middle of the night, and you are?
Isaac: Actually it is really cool to be on tour, because it's something we've wanted to do for a long, long time. Over the past year we've said, "We're gonna come to your town, we're gonna play shows." And that's what we wanted to do, because we have been so busy doing other things, and now we get the opportunity. It's actually more relaxing then some of the stuff we've been doing. Also because you can get to play every couple of days. You get to do the show.
Taylor: You kind of get to interact with the fans a lot more.
Isaac: You are more at home.
Lisa: Have you guys ever had girls running up to you and have to run for your life?
Taylor: Well, one thing we did. I guess it was Atlanta, we got in with these cops and they were going to escort us out of the venue.
Isaac: They were motorcycle cops.
Taylor: There were like 200 fans waiting after the show.
Zac: And they were like, why don't you jump on our Harley [Davidson]'s, and let us take you for a ride. So we got there, and we were going around, and the fans started coming towards us, and the guy falls over.
Taylor: The bike actually fell over, and Zac is on there, and we actually have it on video tape, so the camera is going, like "Oh my God, oh my God." Then the fans started rushing us, and we turned around.
Isaac: We actually squirted the policemen.
Taylor: That was the idea, we were going to jump on the motorcycle with these big squirt guns we use in the show, and soak the a