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Remembering Albertane.

Okay..."our" Philly concert was a year ago August 21. And while this whole little shindig is probably really stupid...well...I don't care. Basically what this page will be is a look back for us a year ago. We'll probably update it until the beginning of september or so. We'll update whenever we "remember" something. What will be the "main attraction" of this page however are our "concert notebooks." Last year in the weeks before the concert and the day of, we kept journal-y things to document our experiece. Well now you can view them, to see just how pathetic we were.

joy's notebook
april's notebook

we are also starting a letter writing thingy. see, at the concert, we met these two girls, Lynn and Stephanie. Well, we ended up exchanging addresses with the full intention of writing each other. Well, like clockwork I (Joy) recieve a nice letter mailed in a hanson pinup as an envelope exactly a week after the concert from Stephanie. Me, being the horrible letter writer that I am, replied to her letter but never mailed it. So a year has passed and we figure now is as good a time as any to write the girls. So we will. We'll put our letters up here, and if they reply we'll put them up here. There after, any and all corespondance between us will go up here. We'll start with the letter from Stephanie which was recieved one year ago....

stephanie's letter.