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Bob Moffatt

Bob Moffatt

here are some of bob's basic's stats:
FULL NAME: robert franklin peter moffatt
NICKNAME: bob, duke
B'DAY: march 8, 1984 (he shares his b'day w/ twin bros dave & clint)
BORN: vancouver, BC, canada
HOMETOWN: calgary, alberta, canada
PARENTS: frank moffatt and darlana jahrig
STEPMOTHER: sheila moffatt
HAIR: brown
EYES: brown
SCHOOL: 11th grade, home schooled, canadian curriculum
DEXTERITY: right handed
STATUS: single

INSTRUMENT: drums, percussion
VOCAL PART: lead vocals and low harmonies
FIRST INSTRUMENT: black pearl drums
ENDORSEMENTS: slingerland drums, orca sticks, istambul cymbals, evans drum heads
MUSICAL INFLUENCES (PEERS): metallica, the beatles, garth brooks, dwight yoakam, beach boys, dave grohl, and silverch@ir
PERSONAL MUSICAL INFLUENCES: frank moffatt, dave fontana, jana king wvans, robert byrne, klaus major heuser, kenny beard, and steve dean

here are some of his faves:
PERSONAL GOAL: to make people happy through his music.
FAVE HOLIDAY SPOT: london, england
FOOD: mexican
DRINK: perrier water
MOVIE: good will hunting
ACTOR: nicholas cage
ACTRESS: courteney cox
ALBUM: the colour and the shape/foo fighters & *according to the latest fan club newsletter* country grammar/nelly
BAND: the beatles
MUSICIAN: dave grohl
SONG: "so much to say"/dave matthews band
SONG FROM CHAPTER 1: "if life is so short"
SONG FROM SUBMODALITIES: "i don't want you to want me"
RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: NFL football, movies, shopping, soccer, fishing, listening to CDs, golf
CAR: jeep grand cherokee
COLOR: black

here is some other interesting info on bob:
he is way awesome on the drums, and i could only dream of playing that well! :)
bob is a genuine sweetheart, and he says his fave thing about performing is "making people happy and seeing them smile." bob says, "i sing all the time, and when i'm sad it makes me feel happy again." bob can be heard singing lead on the song "santa knows" on the christmas album, on "call the doctor" from submodalities, and on other songs as well.
bob is currently single, or at least that's what i heard last. when the subject of girls comes up, bob says he likes girls who like to laugh, who are into music, and who are kind and giving.

all the facts on this page were taken directly from the moffatts' fan club. if you have any comments feel free to email me at the addy on the home page!