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~Alyssa's Spice Land~

Baby Chipmunk Spice & Spice sisters

Words from the mouth of baby Chipmunk Spice

There I would like to drumroll please....

WELCOME You to My Spiceland

IT is a LAND where you can come & Spice up your Life.

Where Girl Power is for everyone at the SpiceLand.

My Name is ALYSSA LYNN but my Family & Friends call me Alyssa.My Daddy says I look like ariel with my red hair.
I was born at a Hospital in Delaware county on Monday SEPT-5-1994 at 4:22AM on Labor Day Morning.

I saw My Very First Concert on June-27-98 It Was THE SPICE GIRLS ON TOUR.. It was really really cool. thank you for doing my nails for the conceryt Daddy. YES!!! I like the SPICE GIRLS !!
spice girls I like really like a LOT..

I love Watching Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network
That where you find some of my favorite programs like The
Rugrats, muppet Babies, Flintstones, & More!! So join me in watching those shows for us kids and big kids like my Daddy too. HA HA ( gotta ya Daddy) I love my Daddy!
I all so like ELMO,The Big Comfy Couch, The Munsters TVShow, The Litte Mermaid, Alien Nation, The Chipmunk.. and much more!!:-)

I WOULD LOVE to THANK My Daddy *TP* for helping me with my WEB SITE Your the Best Daddy in the WORLD. I love You Daddy!!****

I hope you Enjoyed your Visit to my SpiceLand.** Remember Come back and Check OFTEN* And Please sign my Guest Book
If you do not know how to write like me yet have your Mommy or Daddy to do it they won't mind. So I know you were at MY SpiceLand** so Spice up your LIFE with someone you LOVE*

* P.S.THANK YOU RavenSpice for Helping With My Site Too. ThankYou A Lot You Are My Spice BUDDY All Ways*

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